Ask the Mechanic: What Is Ailing My Toyota Rush?

Hello, I own a 2012 Toyota Rush 4x4 which has had a defect since I bought it in March 2020.

Whenever I accelerate and get to 1ookm/hr, the car produces a loud noise from the engine. The noise goes away when I hit above 100 km/hr, but comes back when I reduce the speeds. I have talked to my mechanic and we have changed bearings, gear oil but have not realised any change.

What is the problem with my car and how do I fix it?Also, the noise comes whenever I shift gears. What could the problem be and how can it be fixed?


1. I am not sure what exactly is going on here because cars with limiters bog down when they hit the limiter rather than making loud noises, so it is a bit of a paradox. Since the noise seems to appear from the engine and only at a specific speed, something is up under the bonnet.

Maybe the engine mounts have discovered their natural frequency (a phenomenon too elaborate to explain here now), maybe the clutch or torque converter has loosened and is shifting position when transmitting a specific amount of torque, maybe... could be a lot of things.

2. This is yet another conundrum: high speeds and low gears? Why? That is bad driving. Or is the loud engine noise the result of over-revving?

There is a lot that is missing for one to make a conclusive diagnosis, and yours is a case of seeing a technician.

One has to test drive your car to hear the noise to determine its nature and location, which would greatly assist in narrowing down possible causes, but words on a screen are not going to cut it.

Sorry. Just visit a garage for a more conclusive diagnosis.


Hello, Give us more ideas on how to convert our old Land Rovers into electric versions.

Regards, Abdishakur.

Hello Abdishakur,  almost anything is possible, but probably not advisable. The cost and technical challenges of converting an old Land Rover to electric power will almost certainly outweigh the advantages (the cost will certainly exceed the value of the vehicle being converted. Both before and after the change).

 When the end-of-time comes for petrol and diesel engines, there will be a broad range of purpose-built electric options, new and used, the price will have fallen and the technology will be far more advanced, especially batteries that will weigh less, cost less, charge faster and have longer range. They will be made of more sustainable materials and be recyclable.

Sales of electric cars in the United States is already several times more than Uganda’s entire vehicle population. Important lessons are being learnt by source materials suppliers, manufacturers, agents, service and parts players and end users. The guinea pigs in more affluent economies are hard at work. Our thanks to them.

In Uganda, the answer to the current thorny questions about electric vehicles is “wait a bit” for second-hand EVs.


I would like to know about the Renault Kwid, the pros and cons of the car in general and the gearbox, which is my major concern. Thanks.


Hello Moses, the Indian built Renault Kwid, launched in 2015 as a Cross over city car, is an enticing proposition for entry level car buyers. Kwid offers a mini hatch with an SUV body style super fuel economy, easy parking and a perfect easy to get around nippy city hopper. As a new kid in the city, the Kwid has raised eyebrows, curiosity and perhaps some anxiety about its mixed fortunes.

Design and styling: the Kwid SUV styled super hatch back has improved from its 2015 debutant straight lines and flat edges to the more recent curved and bolder looking edges. Kwid spots a French funkidelic new face with catchy LED lights and a chunkier mean-looking grille. The touch of gentle and soft aggression is accentuated by the bigger wheels with beefier tyres. The interior of the Kwid is stylishly adorned and equipped as a tantalising Indian classic dancer. It boasts a touch screen system with Apple car play and Android Bluetooth connectivity which attracts the playful gadget manic motorist. You will be captivated by the full digital dash board with futuristic easy to see blue dials and silver text. The interior decor will help you forget the lack of storage space for rear passengers.

Driving, handling and reliability: the Kwid feels as one riding a BMX bike on the highway, but that is what you pay for when you buy one. The 2015 799cc (54 horsepower) and 2016 1,000cc (67 horse power) engines are only good for commuting and running about in the city. The occasional suburban drive over uneven humps is bearable in the Kwid, thanks to its impressive ground clearance. The Kwid is also very kind to your fuel budget, easy to park and get away from tight spaces, thanks to its small foot prints. This will make you ignore the poor steering feedback and harsh noise in lower gears. The gear shifting issues on the 2015 earlier models were overcome by software and hardware updates. The six speed auto transmission shifts smoothly and fuel efficiently. The manual transmission has a costly clutch replacement repair that will hit you sooner than later, if you attempt to use it without good manual transmission shifting skills.

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