I love my Subaru Outback for its stability

Thursday November 19 2020
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The Subaru Outback gives you peace of mind since even when driving at high speeds, it is stable on the road.

By Roland D. Nasasira

James Musamali
I have had my Outback for two years and I love it for its performance. It is not only stable on the road, but it gives you more comfort, especially when driving on the highway. I have driven it from Kampala to Mbale City (about 254km). Although I did not calculate how many kilometres it covered on one litre of fuel, the journey cost me Shs150,000. To me, this is quite affordable. Also, even at high speeds, the Outback does not shake. 
On occasions it breaks down, I have a spare parts supplier in downtown Kisekka Market, who delivers what I need without the need to park the car for days. The most expensive spare part I have had to replace was the side mirror, which cost Shs350,000. 
For service and maintenance, every time I visit the garage, I spend approximately Shs170,000. This includes changing engine oil, air and fuel filters, brake pads and hydraulic oil, among others. However, when I include spark plugs, the maintenance cost stretches to Shs280,000. 
Its ground clearance allows you drive the Outback in urban areas and any other upcountry road with ease. The only thing I do not like about it is that it will give you trouble on rough roads or those with pot holes. 
Its fuel consumption depends on your movement. On a weekly basis, I spend between Shs150,000 and Shs170,000 from my home in Kisaasi, Kampala to Kampala City Centre (about 5km). I also love it for the fact that it is a multi-purpose vehicle that can be used as an office car as well as a luxury car.  
Peter Amadi
I have had my Outback since 2009. When I bought it from someone who had imported it, it had only covered 4,000 kilometres. 
It is a 2009 model that runs on a 2500cc petrol engine. Although its engine size might scare off a number of motorists, surprisingly, it consumes way less fuel. For instance, on a highway, it will give you 15 kilometres using one litre of fuel and give you 14 kilometres in urban areas such as Kampala, more or less like a Toyota Premio with a smaller engine.  
When it comes to its service, you will have to focus more on the air cleaner, with a genuine one costing Shs170,000. An air cleaner is one of the most important and crucial parts for Subaru brands. Then also, genuine long-lasting spark plugs that will serve you for approximately 62,000 kilometres or approximately two years will cost you Shs400,000. They are expensive but will give you value for money. 

However, you need to beware of its suspension bushes. They tend to wear out easily but this is dependent on how you drive the car. It is recommended to have your mechanic check them every time you visit the garage. 
Surprisingly, the performance of the Outback is better than that of a Subaru Forester. It picks speed the moment you accelerate and even when driving at 240km/hour, you will not feel the car vibrating or shaking. It also provides enough leg room for the driver, the co-driver and the passengers in the rear seats. 

The most interesting bit about my particular Outback is that it has self-levelling shock absorbers. The more you load the car, the more stable it becomes. The shocks will automatically adjust to the weight of the load you are carrying. 

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Joan Bisaso 
One of the things I like about the Subaru Outback is its stability even at high speeds. There was a time I was driving on the Entebbe expressway and I had unknowingly gone up to 120km/hour but even at this speed, it seemed as though the car was being driven at 50km/hour because I did not feel any shakes like is the case with some cars. 

It is a car I service once in three months and spend approximately Shs150,000 per garage visit. I blow the air cleaner if it does not need to be replaced. I also change the engine oil, hydraulic fluid and a few other parts.  
In a week, I spend approximately Shs100,000 on fuel and this is mainly from my home in Luzira, Kampala to work in Kololo and back home (about 8km). However,  if I am to make any field visits, I spend slightly higher than this amount. 
What I do not like about the car is that it has low ground clearance. When I drive over potholes and large road humps, I have to be careful and reduce the speed. 


The most expensive spare parts I have had to replace were the tyres. One piece cost me Shs250,000 but the advantage is that they really last long before I need to replace them again.