Is it okay to raise Subaru Forester Suspension?

Thursday October 29 2020
By Paul Kaganzi

Hello Paul, I drive a Subaru Forester model 2008. My long time mechanic has advised me to have it raised since it does not have enough ground clearance. I love my car’s stability  and I am not sure of this stability once it is raised. Kindly advise. Ahab

Hello Ahab, the Subaru Forester ground clearance is already high as it is a compact crossover Sports Utility Vehicle. Raising the Subaru Forester with spacer lugs will cause longterm damage to its suspension, as well as affect your handling and ride stability during extreme manoeuvers or high speed cornering. 

Altering the car height with spacer lugs can damage your car suspension because it prevents articulation. The taut upper suspension will constantly be stretched so it wears out prematurely. 

Raising the car beyond Subaru’s suspension design limit affects centre of gravity and response to changing direction and road terrain. This affects ride handling quality because it makes your car unstable when driving through corners or over uneven road patches. 

This is a potential cause of rollover accidents or loss of control, while driving fast. A safer way to adjust height is by changing tyre size to a higher profile recommended by Subaru for that car. This alternative tyre size is indicated on the car.


Difference between Kluger V and L

Hello Paul, what is the difference between Toyota Kluger V and Toyota Kluger L? David 

Hello David,  Kluger V was developed on a Harrier platform but with a bolder body design, longer and higher. It also came with a more spacious interior.

Kluger L replaced Kluger V in 2003 with two foldable third row seats. A black interior was also introduced. In 2005, discharge lamps were introduced, a bolder front grille as it gave way to the redesigned bigger Kluger in 2007.