Suzuki XL6 is multipurpose


What you need to know:

The XL6 is a spacious six-seater with a luxurious interior, coupled with its sleek design, fuel efficiency, and advanced safety features that position it as the suitable choice for family, business, and fleet mobility needs.

At first glance, the Suzuki XL6 gives you the impression of a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). However, while the front has a bold masculine look, a closer look at the sides and the interior clearly indicates it is a six-seater multipurpose vehicle (MPV).

It is a unique category of MPV, given its configuration. Rather than being an ordinary six-seater, its seats are configured in a way that you have middle access to the rear seats, with the passenger seats being able to fold. 

The Suzuki XL6 also runs on a 1,500cc petrol engine. The vehicles come as a result of a production partnership between Suzuki and Toyota. The two manufacturers just play with the car bodies to suit and serve different purposes. However, the Suzuki XL6 is suitable as a family car or for people who love to travel as a group. 


In terms of performance, Moses Oguzu, a sales executive at Suzuki, says you can do tours within the city or even upcountry as long as you do not go off-road. This is because the XL6 is a two-wheel drive (2WD), which generates its power from the front wheels. Given that it has the same engine capacity as the Toyota Urban Cruiser, the difference is with the fuel tank capacity, with the XL6 carrying 45 litres.

By factory recommendations, one litre in the XL6 covers approximately 17 kilometres on the highway, while for city or urban drives, a litre covers a minimum of 13 kilometres. However, fuel economy is based on the practicality bit in terms of how you drive and how you load the vehicle.


Oguzu argues that it is recommended to use high octane fuel. This is because some fuel stations do not use fuel additives to improve performance aspects, especially when it comes to mileage.

“The latest vehicles use technology that requires using high quality fuel. In the long run, if you use poor quality fuel, you will have issues with the fuel system such as a clogged fuel pump or power. If you buy a car from a dealership, as the final user, you must play your part and use certified products such as engine oil and fuel because at the end of the day, this is where most mechanical issues will arise,” Oguzu explains.  

Ground clearance

The Suzuki XL6 has a ground clearance of 180mm, the same as the Toyota Rumion and the Suzuki Ertiga, which means it can be driven through most upcountry marrum roads.

Safety features

Apart from traditional airbags, you also get a reverse camera with reverse sensors in the XL6. It comes with Antilock Brake System (ABS) with electronic force distribution, a feature that enables you to have full control of the vehicle in case of any eventual instant braking. You can still be able to brake instantly but still have good control and navigate through any terrain and steer safely.

When carrying out service, the car carries four litres of engine oil. It uses engine oil grade 15W40 minimum or a grade 10W40, given that it is a premium product that allows you to do service at high intervals.  

The dashboard has a wooden-like finish that gives it a premium look. The seats are leather and come with a perforated design. It also has vent coolers. If you have drinks in the car, as you run the air conditioner, you can choose to keep them hot or cold. It also has a 7-inch infotainment system you can connect to Android Auto or Apple Carplay to enjoy any journey.   

According to, in regards to its styling, the Ertiga familiarities are unmistakable. The XL6 is distinguished by its stocky physique punctuated by the shapely headlights in front with an all too familiar rear end.

 The XL6 is founded on a pair of 15-inch wheels overseen by black wheel arch cladding.

Moses Oguzu, a sales executive at Suzuki, says the Suzuki XL6 costs $25,000, which is equivalent to Shs93m. 

XL6 specifications

Transmission: Automatic

Engine displacement (cc): 1462

Seating capacity: 6

Max Torque (nm@rpm): 136.8Nm@4400rpm

Fuel type: Petrol