The cars you bought in 2022

The RAV4 is a pleasant SUV that rides smoothly, has a roomy interior that is easy to live with, and offers plenty of utility. PHOTO/COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • With the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic slowly being forgotten, many of you have decided to fulfill your dreams of owning a car.

This year has seen more older models and even newer models go off our roads. However, there are cars that have been quite popular compared to others for a number of reasons. These include:

Toyota Harrier

Classified as a mid-size sport utility vehicle, the Toyota Harrier 2008 model has been one of the popular cars of 2022. Tom Okurut, who bought one in July, says its performance on and off-road cannot be compared to say the Toyota Caldina he owned prior.

“It gives you the feel, comfort and class of a Land Cruiser. When it comes to performance, the Harrier is a car I can drive at 120kms and it still stays stable on the road. When driving off-road, I manoeuvre through rough terrains with ease because mine comes with the four wheel drive option,” Okurut says.

On average, Saeed Bilal, the sales manager at Yuasa Investments Limited in Nakawa, says the cost of the Harrier has increased from Shs58m for the 2004, 2005 and 2006 models to Shs65m, or more, depending on the model you buy.

Toyota RAV4

Like the Harrier, the Recreational Active Vehicle or Robust Accurate Vehicle (RAV4), also 2008 model has  been sought after. This is because of its four wheel-drive features that enable motorists to drive on and off-road with ease without getting stuck. The raised ground clearance that is similar to that of the Harrier also makes the RAV4 a choice for many, given the fact that it is a subcompact crossover sport utility vehicle.

At different local bonds, the cost of the RAV4 ranges between Shs55m and Shs60m.

The Subaru Forester 2008, much like the RAV4 and the Harrier, have one thing in common; they all have raised ground clearance, suitable for all road terrains. The cost of the Subaru Forester 2008 model that is of the same shape as the RAV4 is between Shs49m for older models and Shs53m.


Because of its many advantages such as friendly and economical fuel consumption, Bilal argues that the Toyota Fielder has taken over the market that was initially meant for the Premio and the Corolla, locally known as the Kibina.

“It is the only sedan that is available with smaller fuel consumption of 1500cc moreover with a bigger boot space. It is reliable, affordable and flexible, depending on what you want to use it for,” Bilal explains.

He adds that the Fielder costs between Shs32m and Shs37m.

Mercedes Benz ML 4Matic

Andrew Lwanga, a car broker in Kyambogo, says the Mercedes Benz ML was equally yearned for by many, especially those in the corporate class.

“It is a classy car that suits any purpose. You can choose to use it as your daily drive car to office or for a weekend getaway across the country because of its features such as the 4WD and the better performance off-road,” Lwanga says.

According to Bilal, the ban on importation of cars older than 15 years has led to increase in the price of most cars. The newer the models, the higher the price. For instance, the Toyota Harrier, 2003, 2004 and 2005 models that cost Shs42 to Shs45m, taxes of Shs14m inclusive, cannot be imported into the country. This is because in order to import the 2008 model, you will have to pay taxes higher than Shs21m.


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