The Harrier offers more than comfort

Harrier vehicle. PHOTO/COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • For these motorists, the Toyota Harrier can easily manouvre through rough roads, is reliable and its fuel consumption will not leave a hole in your pocket, writes Roland D. Nasasira 

Doreen Mirembe   
I bought my Toyota Harrier 2010 model early this year. Before, I owned a RAV4 but I wanted to upgrade to a more raised car and was torn between a Kia Sportage and the Toyota Kluger. However, after driving a friend’s Toyota Harrier, I opted for the same. I love the Harrier because even on rough roads, one does not feel the potholes or any other discomfort. 

I supervise a number of activities at work and this means I have to use my mobile phone most of the time. With the Harrier, I am able to answer my calls without holding the phone to my ear since it is connected to the car. This way, I avoid being destructed and stay safe while driving.

Alex Tayebwa     
I have driven the Toyota Harrier 2010 model for approximately two years and it is one of the best car choices I have made. It is a mid-size sport utility vehicle that combines reliability, stability, fuel economy, efficiency and high performance. I travel upcountry twice a month to monitor my projects and my car comes in handy. It picks speed quite easily and even at high speeds, it is smooth on the road.  

When I fill its fuel tank and I am driving at a constant speed of 80km/hr, a half tank will take me to Mbarara in western Uganda. On the highway, I drive 14km per litre of fuel, unlike in urban areas where traffic jam reduces the mileage per litre to 10km. However, if your acceleration foot is heavy, it will automatically consume more fuel. 

I service my car once every three months at a cost of Shs200,000. At each service, I replace engine oil, air and fuel cleaners and the oil filter. I rarely replace spark plugs because I buy those that are genuine and durable to cover at least 10,000kms before replacement.   

Raymond Opio 
I like the Toyota Harrier because what you see is what you get. It is a high performance car with an averagely low consumption engine of 2400cc if you do not make lots of movements. From my home in Mutungo to my workplace in Nakasero, both suburbs in Kampala, I spend Shs150,000 per week on fuel. 

I have driven the Harrier for three years and love it especially because its spare parts are readily available. I buy mine from Kisekka Market in Kampala at affordable costs. For instance, I recently replaced the suspension system and bought a pair at Shs700,000. My rear light was also broken by a motorcyclist and I spent Shs400,000 to replace it. I also service my car every five months and this costs Shs250,000. 

Because of its raised ground clearance, I can easily drive through the roughest roads even when I travel upcountry. Mine is an all-wheel drive, meaning that all wheels generate wheel power to move the vehicle in case of eventualities such as slippery roads.  

Harrier specifications 

Drive Type     AWD/FF
Engine Capacity    1,986 - 3,456cc
Maximum Power 140 - 280ps