The Kompressor is fast, stable, comfortable

What you need to know:

A five-seater, the Mercedes Benz Kompressor is one of the few salons manufactured by the German automaker. These motorists love it for its stability, speed and comfort

Michael Kawalya 

I have owned the Mercedes Benz Kompressor 2008 model for 12 years. I imported it from Germany when it was brand new because I feared the mechanical faults that come with used cars. The beauty of being the first and only one to drive a car is that when it develops mechanical problems, they are easy to diagnose.

For instance, I only carry out the normal recommended service. Its service intervals can go up to 15,000kms when you use the best quality oil and other lubricants on the market.

I spend between Shs500,000 to Shs1.5m on service and this can be once in a year because I mostly use it for urban drives. When you service a Benz with genuine spare parts, it will take you long before you have to replace the same parts again. It is a cost effective car.

My model runs on a 2000cc petrol engine. Performance-wise, when it comes to speed, the Benz is faster than most cars on Ugandan roads.

Its speed pick-up rates and stability on the road is unrivalled, yet its fuel consumption is very friendly. The only downside to this car is its low ground clearance, which will limit your manoeuverability on some roads. 

Raynold Mujuni

One of the features I love about the Mercedes Benz Kompressor is its high stability levels at high speeds. Its technology allows you to negotiate a corner at 120km/hr without feeling any bend in your driver’s seat or even the car itself. When you hit a big hump even while speeding, you will not feel any impact.

The car will not overturn or even skid off the road. You only have to steer firmly. Because of its weight and strong suspension system, you will drive over the bump and it will remain firm on the road without losing traction or torque.

When you own a Benz and enjoy all these safety features, you do not wish to change to any other car brand. Apart from these, a Kompressor is as affordable to maintain as any other Japanese car because it runs on a 2000cc engine. Its consumption is similar to that of a Toyota Corolla and Premio.

Some of the differences could be the engine horsepower and the cost of spare parts. I service my Benz twice a year which costs Shs800,000 per garage visit.

Stephen Lwanga  

I have driven the Mercedes Benz Kompressor for two years and I have not been disappointed. Apart from the stability and the fast rate of picking up speed, it is equally as comfortable because of its bucket seats, especially the driver’s. With the seatbelt on and at high speed, it will give you the feeling and performance of a sports car. The steering makes it easy to have absolute control of the car.  

It is also a strong and durable car that was built with a strong body. It will take a lot of force to create a dent on the body.

The downside of the Kompressor, like any other Benz, is the high cost of spare parts. For instance, I recently replaced one rear light at a cost of Shs500,000.

The same goes for the genuine logo on the edge of the bonnet. If you are the kind of motorist who prefers cheap spare parts, a Benz is not the car to buy. Secondly,  it is good to have a trusted mechanic who understands your car and avoid driving into any roadside garage for service.

You also have to be disciplined to respect the service schedule as indicated in the manual.


Transmission: 6-speed manual

Drive type: RWD

Valves: 16

Cylinders: Inline 4