The Toyota Succeed is a user-friendly car 

What you need to know:

Although not aesthetically pleasing, the Toyota Succeed has other positive attributes such as its friendly fuel consumption and spacious interior, writes Roland D. Nasasira.

Richard Kyeyune 

I have had my Toyota Succeed for three years now. One of the features I like about it is its friendly fuel consumption and efficiency. It runs on a relatively small engine of 1500cc whose consumption is manageable, especially when you want to realise value for your money.

For instance, when I fill its tank of 50 litres, it will keep me running for close to two weeks of commuting from my home in Mpererwe, Kampala to Kampala City centre (a distance of about 5.5km) for five or six days a week.

It is also a workhorse and a multipurpose car. When I travel to my farm in Mityana District, I use my car since it has capacity to carry a lot of luggage. The rear seats can also be reclined or removed from the car to provide space.

Dickson Agaba

I run a retail shop in Kisugu, Kampala and when it is time to restock, I do not have to hire a pick-up or van to carry merchandise from Kikuubo. Instead, I use the money I would have used to hire a van to refuel the car.

With strong shock absorbers and suspension system, the car will not let you down as far as carrying heavy cargo is concerned. It has capacity to carry six or eight 50 kilogramme bags of sugar and any other luggage of the same measure.

However, for the Succeed to serve you better, ensure that it is well maintained and serviced on time.

It is like any other machine, which if not taken care of, will break down. The space also comes in handy when travelling upcountry with my family. It can accommodate up to six passengers, including the driver. It is not a fast moving or high performance car but it is stable on the road.

Dan Mugisha

The Toyota Succeed is a user-friendly car. I have driven mine for close to four years and I do not regret buying it. I love the fact that I do not have to break the bank to refuel it since fuel worth Shs30,000 will go a fair distance.

From my home in Najjankumbi on Entebbe Road to Kampala City Centre where I work, I use fuel worth Shs100,000 for a week.

Since it shares spare parts with most Toyota brands, its spare parts are also readily available at most dealer shops in Katwe, Ndeeba, Wandegeya and Kisekka Market at affordable prices.


Maximum power   105 - 109ps

Drive type   AWD/FF

Engine capacity   1,496cc

Fuel consumption   13 - 15km/L


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