Understanding car rental services as we enter the festive season

Haice Minibus. Photo/Courtesy

During the festive season, many people need to travel conveniently and safely regardless of whether doing city rounds or upcountry. Because of this, many individuals or families choose to always rent cars for either a day, week, or month.

Many people don’t know the right people or companies to rent out cars from which causes misunderstandings from miss-calculations of trips among other things. CFAO Motors has rolled out car rental services working with Loxea.

For starters, Loxea is a subsidiary of the CFAO and offers innovative mobility services tailored to the unique needs of employees working for large companies across the African continent and individuals. In Uganda.  Under Loxea, CFAO offers innovative mobility services, essentially allowing customers to place their full focus on their core business activities.

Their fleet of cars as mentioned includes the Hilux Double Cabin, Hilux Single Cabin, Prado TXL, Fortuner GD, RAV MT and AT, Corolla Sedan, Hiace Commuter Van, and, Land Cruiser Premium. Their rates are daily, weekly, and, monthly with the lowest daily fees ranging from USD60 (Shs 210,000) to the highest USD400 (Shs 1,440,000 million) and the weekly rates starting from as low as USD600 (Shs 2,160,000) and highest USD2, 300 (Shs 8,280,000). The monthly fees also depend on the type and make of the car ranging from USD1,500 (Shs 5.4m) to USD6,300 (Shs 22,680,000 million).

According to CFAO Motor’s Marketing Manager, the rates for their car rental services include the cost of comprehensive insurance, which adds a layer of assurance for customers when it comes to unforeseen circumstances like roadside issues

This service is nothing short of flexible and convenient. Whether you need a vehicle with or without a driver, it gives you complete freedom when it comes to booking duration – from a single day to a full month. Payment is not made in bits but rather full payment and for those that require a driver, an extra USD20 (Shs 72,000) fee will be added for town service, and for upcountry services, there will be an extra US40 (Shs 144,000) for a driver.

The fleet includes a wide array of makes and models, encompassing passenger cars, four-wheel drives, vans, and minibusses, all designed to meet the unique demands of both professional and private travel.