Which of these cars is suitable for a woman?

What you need to know:

  • Kindly advise me on a good station wagon for a woman. I am torn between the following Toyota brands; Fielder, IST, Ractis, Corrola, Rumion, Auris and Run X or Allex. Please guide me on all the above in term of resale value, durability, off road performance and presentability (image is key). Also talk about the Demio. Prossy.

Hello Prossy, your lineup of Toyota cars has no gender bias since women and men are looking for smaller, more fuel efficient, powerful as well as good looking cars. The Toyotas you are looking at are in different categories, based on purpose and lifestyle. The Fielder is a compact station wagon designed to carry both passengers and cargo. As such, it caters for practical space more than design appeal or passenger comfort. 

The IST, RunX, Allex, Auris and Demio are super mini hatch vehicles which target youthful drivers who want a sporty car with a little luxury. This category of drivers are also in a hurry to get to where they are going or to find quick parking. Rumion and Ractis are multi-purpose movers. If you are the practical type, juggling corporate life, family and other work with the occasional need to carry your catering dishes, cakes or trays of eggs to town or upcountry, you will need the 4WD Fielder or Rumion. These have longer loading space, better ground clearance, light off road ability and fold away middle row seats to ramp up cargo space.

The Rumion’s higher headroom or ceiling is suitable for loading tall cargo. It is also more stylish than the Fielder. If you are young at heart, impatient with tight parking and always in a hurry, you will do fine with any of the super hatches.

The IST and Auris are the trendiest super hatches popular with young drivers or first time mothers. The Allex and RunX look older and boring although their older engines are more affordable and easier to maintain.

The Demio is a small hatch with a design emphasis on economy more than appealing looks. Its biggest short coming is mainly in the maintenance department as its spare parts are difficult to get.