Why rent a car in Uganda with a driver

When it comes to road trips in Uganda, there are always two ways to go about: either you go on a self-drive tour or driver guided safari. Renting a car in Uganda and you embark on a self-drive tour can be fun although it requires you to have knowledge about the routes to your destinations. But hiring a car with a driver in Uganda is by far the best option, especially if you would like to have a deep exploration and experience in the Pearl of Africa. Here are some of the amazing reasons why you should rent a car in Uganda with a driver.

Safety & comfortable

While on a road trip in Uganda with a driver, all responsibility lies on the driver guide. You don’t need to have worries about replacing a flat tyre, cleaning the vehicle, or any engine problem. Entirely, you are guaranteed of safety and comfort on your road trip regardless of the destination you plan to visit. Uganda is gifted with professional driver guides who are skilled and some have mechanical knowledge that is required of any professional driver. These drivers are also well versed with the destination and always know where to turn or go to in case they require help.

Vast knowledge about destinations

Renting a car in Uganda with a driver means, you will be traveling with someone with vast knowledge about the country. For instance, the professional drivers were born and have grown up in Uganda. Not only do they have knowledge about the different destinations, but also the best places to eat out from, safe accommodation facilities to spend a night and more. On a road trip in Uganda, feel free to ask any question and your driver guide will be in position to answer. In short, your driver would be working as your one and only Uganda holiday guide as you get oriented and educated on the sights and sounds of the pearl of Africa.

Opportunity to explore more cultures

Renting a car with driver allows you to interact with local residents and in the process; you will have something to learn. Other than face-to-face interaction, visitors can also be introduced to local markets, restaurants to have a taste of traditional meals. Uganda consists of about 50 different tribes and when you go deep in the villages, the driver guides have knowledge on history, traditions, cultures, staple food and other valuable information about particular tribes. In case you are more adventurous, you could have a perfect opportunity to taste the different types of food eaten in the different parts of the country, for instance millet in the north, matooke in the central part of Uganda, then the blood by the Karamajong, and the tastey “malewa” which is the smoked bamboo shoot in eastern Uganda around Mountain Elgon.

Dialect isn’t a challenge/language barrier

Unlike self-drive safaris, with guided driver safaris, driver guides do understand different languages both local and international. You can request a driver guide of your choice for instance; one who understands French, Spanish, German and other languages and the different car rental operators for instance; Self Drive in Uganda will be in position to find one for you.

Trip planning & time management

The driver guides make it even easier to plan your trip. Most importantly, when on the road, you will not have any worries about getting on a wrong route. The time you would have wasted due to limited knowledge about destination routes is saved while on a road trip with a driver guide. Besides, when it comes to pick up at the hotel or airport, your driver guide will be there at the right time.

How much is renting a car & driver in Uganda

The cost of hiring a car in Uganda with a driver does differ from one tour operator/Car Hire Company to another. The price range for hiring a driver ranges from USD 30 to 120 and the price can be slightly higher when combined with the cost of renting a car. The driver cost varies based on experience and also specialty for instance, the driver guides who have specific knowledge on other international languages aside from English attract a higher pay, the same applies to driver guide who have special skills for instance the birding guides.