ERA mapping out needs for electric car charging points 

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What you need to know:

  • ERA says it wants to understand what the needs so that it can plan to provide that amount of electricity that will be needed by electric cars 

Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) has said it has gathered information regarding the regulatory framework required to set up electric car charging stations around the country.

Speaking after a  tour of Kiira Motors in Mutai Jinja, Dr Sarah Wasagali Kanaabi, the ERA chairperson, said the visit sought to understand what the company is doing, know its products to appreciate its electricity needs as well as the value addition it brings so that they balance their needs with the interests of different stakeholders.

“When Kiira Motors starts production, their demand for electricity will grow. We came to establish their charging status and balance these interests with different stakeholders. We are going to do a study and come up with a decision,” she said.

Eng Ziria Tibalwa Waako, the ERA chief executive officer, said the visit also sought to understand how much electricity Kiira would require and whether the current substations can provide the quality of electricity needed. 

The visit also sought to understand which points along the highways would work well as charging stations so that transmission lines are properly aligned to the function. 

Kiira has indicated that it intends to roll out about 18 buses for public transport by December this year.

Prof Sandy Stevens Tickodri Togboa, the Kiira Motors executive chairman, said the visit was timely since ERA is key in the progress of electric mobility that requires energy recharge batteries. 

“We need to distribute chargers throughout the country. For instance in the North, the current buses go up to Karuma where they recharge. At the moment we have five electric buses but they are not deployed,” he said adding that two were deployed by Kalita Bus Company but they have been brought back to address certain issues.