Ugandans urged to tap into trade opportunities in China

Ambassador Judyth Nsababera, Consul General, Uganda Consulate Guangzhou addresses the symposium on March 14, 2023 in China. Photo/ Courtesy

The Uganda Consul General to Guangzhou, China Ambassador Judyth Nsababera has called on Ugandans to tap into different business opportunities for trade in China in order to achieve growth of locally owned businesses in the Asian country.

“There are many untapped opportunities for trade particularly the importation and sell of Ugandan products to China and transferring of appropriate small technologies to Uganda. As government representatives in China, it is our aspiration to see more Ugandans taking up the huge opportunities this country offers,” she said while addressing the business facilitation symposium for Ugandans doing and intending to do business in China held recently in Guangzhou.

“It is our view that the growth of Ugandan owned businesses in China, can lead to increased remittances from China to Uganda which will ultimately contribute to Uganda’s national development,” she argued.
According to her, the symposium will provide Ugandans with relevant information to mitigate the challenges they face while doing business in China.
“With the recent opening up of China, the consulate felt this is the most opportune time to hold the symposium, given that many policies that affect how business and trade operations in China changed during and after the pandemic,” she added.

Mr Junius Xu, Equity Partner and Lawyer, Kingbridge Law Firm that co-sponsored the event said the symposium was important to equip the Ugandan business community with up-to-date information on the post-pandemic business environment in China so as to mitigate the challenges they are likely to face while doing business.
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