Roadmap to Uganda’s first oil

Crude oil containers in Kasemene 1 in Bullisa District. PHOTO/file

What you need to know:

At peak levels, Uganda will produce up to 230,000 barrels of crude per day of which a maximum of 60,000 would be allocated to the refinery if in place.

Following the recent conclusion of key oil agreements related to the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (“EACOP”) project, Uganda is at the Final Investment Decision (FID) to develop the necessary infrastructure for crude oil production. The international oil companies (“IOCs”) now have the green light to start awarding major project contracts. Close to $15 billion is projected will be spent on building the crude oil processing and production facilities, EACOP and potentially the refinery. There is palpable excitement and revived optimism of economic prosperity from these forthcoming projects. To help manage public expectations, this article gives an overview of the road map to Uganda’s first oil.


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