20 teams shortlisted for 2022 Women in Fintech Hackathon

The 2022 Women in Fintech Hackathon seeks to close the gender gap in access to technology, skills, and usage of digital financial services. Photo | courtesy 

What you need to know:

According to Ms Charlotte Neeza, the 20 teams were shortlisted from more than 50 submissions

At least 20 women-led teams have been shortlisted for the 2022 Women in Fintech Hackathon expected to be held between September 10 and 15 in Kampala. 

The shortlisted teams are expected to aid last mile financial inclusion through ideation and development of financial technology products in areas such as Agri-tech, e-commerce, payments, savings and loans, edu-tech, and fundraising. 

Ms Charlotte Neeza, the HiPipo Fintechs events manager, said ahead of the hackathon that the 20 teams have been shortlisted from more than 50 submissions. 

“The teams shortlisted come from allover the region including a team from Rwanda and Tanzania. Other teams are traveling from as far as Kisoro,” she said, noting that this was a clear indication that the project has continued to grow and is attracting more quality. 

She also noted that they had had pre-hackathon discussions with all team leaders, who confirmed they were ready to innovate, and transform their communities. 

“This announcement sets the stage and puts the hackathon wheels in motion. On our side, we are set to receive all participants, starting Saturday. Those traveling from far will have to arrive on Friday,” she added.   

Now in its third edition, the Women in Fintech Hackathon is part of HiPipo’s commitment towards empowering women with required digital and financial inclusion skills. 

It also seeks to enhance innovation, prosperity and uplifting livelihoods, especially among women as well as closing the gender gap in access to technology, skills, and usage of digital financial services. 

It will provide women innovators and students an opportunity to use digital financial technology to explore business concepts and will as well introduce participants to useful tools and offer an introduction to technologies such as Mojaloop Open-Source Software and guidance from Level One Project foundational material. 

The skills gained will cover Level One Project Principles, Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems (IIPS), Inclusive Finance, and FinTech in general. 

“Our ultimate objective is to help achieve a leveled playing field by guiding Africa into fully maximising its digital dividend and potential, with the entire populace equitably participating in the use, leverage, dissemination, innovation, adoption, and adaptation of secure digital financial services to improve their lives and livelihoods,” said Mr Innocent Kawooya, the HiPipo chief executive officer. 

The Women in Fintech Hackathon will culminate into the Women in Fintech Summit on Friday 16 September, where the best performing teams and individuals from across East Africa will be announced and awarded a share of the $10,000 collective prize money. 

The best teams will also automatically qualify for the Women in finTech Incubator program that will run until January 2023.