Digital partnership to empower 10,000 African tech startups

Aly Ramji (Managing Editor of Web3Africa), Markus Dukes Founder of Humanity Node Protocol, John Kamara Co-Founder and CEO of Adanian Labs and Barney Barrow the Co-Chairman of the Humanity Angles Club pose for a photograph in July 2022. PHOTO/HANDOUT

What you need to know:

  • An estimated $1,000 per month in revenue may be generated by this business model.

The African Startup League, a partnership built around blockchain technology seeks to empower 10,000 African owned enterprises which will compete for a grand prize of $1,000,000.

Under this umbrella, three digital platforms, Humanity Node Protocol (HNP), Web3Africa and Adanian Labs have now formed an alliance to build African innovation.

These organizations “aim to develop a digital ecosystem that will allow young Africans and entrepreneurs to use blockchain technology to build enterprises of their own.”

"In Africa, a new startup ecosystem is emerging to use crypto and blockchain technology to solve the continent's concerns but the continent has not yet fully realized the possibilities of blockchain technologies. We are dedicated to changing the attitude and knowledge of millions throughout Africa,” said Aly Ramji, Managing Editor and Co-Founder of Web3Africa.

Web3Africa is the first pan-African crypto-social network platform providing information as the continent's complete source for Web 3.0 information and applications including decentralized finance (DeFi).

"There is no bigger opportunity on the planet today to do good for humanity and get returns while at it," said Marcus Dukes, the Founder of the Humanity Node Protocol.

Humanity Node Protocol is a non-governmental social network motivated to decimate poverty in the continent of more than 1.2billion people.

As part of this initiative, at least 300, 000 investors from Africa will receive NFTs from the tech-firm.

"As we've seen leapfrogging from the developed world, African tech-preneneurs and future innovators can deploy new technologies for the betterment of the continent," Dukes observed.  

Blockchain-based platform HNP now counts more than 150,000 individuals as users across Africa. In Kenya’s capital Nairobi, Adanian Labs has already taken the lead in working with partners to develop the Humanity NFTs' business model and operational standards.

“An estimated $1,000 per month in revenue may be generated by this business model for those who are selected and get the Humanity NFTs,” the firms jointly assured Africans mid July 2022.

Changing world

HNP requires less than 100 hours of service from each awardee to be eligible, resulting into 30,000,000 hours of service to build up the infrastructure necessary for Africa's hyper-economic development.

“We are utilizing our distinct position to create and pioneer the new digital economy of Africa by constructing a socioeconomic ecosystem based on shared resources, shared creation, production, distribution, trade, and consumption. This will allow us to capitalize on the continent's vast untapped potential,” said John Kamara Founder of Adanian Labs.