Innovation changing the face of mobility advertising 

Whereas a business can brand cars that already move around high-traffic routes, it can also hire cars branded with their logo, to park somewhere for some of hours. Photo / Courtesy 

What you need to know:

  • Many companies are outing ground-breaking solutions that have, and continue to scatter conventional advertising products

Things are evolving so fast. Yes, technology has created so many options and innovating has been simplified in ways that have never been seen. 

Many companies are outing ground-breaking solutions that have, and continue to scatter conventional advertising products.  

And for this, if you have been keen enough, today, you must have seen improved and ground-breaking innovation in mobility advertising that has been made possible by ADWrap. 

Ms Rusita Kirabo, is the communications and partnerships senior associate at ADWrap. 

She says mobility advertising presents dynamism and ensures reach that cannot be offered by conventional advertising. 

“Advertisers gain access through a diverse array of transportation options, from small cars to buses and everything in between, all over the city and Uganda as well,” she says. 

However, for one to have a leverage, you must be able to curate messages and packages that are distinct or individualized to clients with imaginative collaborations.  

Ms Kirabo says, as ADWrap, they have forged a powerful partnership with D.light, a solar technological trailblazer, to provide smartphones to our driver community. 

“This collaboration serves a dual purpose: supporting data collection for comprehensive campaign reports and, more importantly, empowering drivers with a valuable tool,” she says. 

ADWrap is also leveraging on technology to provide in-depth analytics to clients, who, before subscribing to any packages, are made aware of how their brand will benefit and what will be the returns. 

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“Leveraging GPS systems, raw data becomes a tool to measure campaign performance. Data-supported results and reports lay a robust foundation for informed decision-making, campaign assessment, and return on investment evaluation. Our core essence lies in instilling accountability, ensuring that your strategies transcend the virtual realm and make resonating impacts in the physical world,” Ms Kirabo says. 

Mobility advertising enables brands to transcend different audiences and is slowly prompting many countries across Africa to rethink out of home advertising.

“Your brand’s mobile ad strategically placed along premium routes not only garners attention but also engages with audiences across multiple locations. We innovative solutions on which brands capitalise to gain an upper hand,” Ms Kirabo says.  

However, Ms Kirabo notes, it is always important for any advertising company to understand the requirements of their clients, regardless of their scale. 

“This underscores your commitment to accommodating a wide spectrum of needs. Whether the demand is modest or substantial, stand equipped to deliver with equal dedication. Mobility advertising, being a limitless realm, has the potential to yield significant returns across various industries,” she adds.  

Over the years, ADWrap has built strong strategic partnerships and continue to build a new frontier in out of home advertising by inviting like-minded partnerships to reshape the advertising landscape. 

This is strengthened by the fact that mobility advertising has emerged as more than a solution, but is a movement that champions innovation, data-driven insights, and economic empowerment of drivers.

“We are reshaping the advertising landscape, ensuring that every stakeholder, from brands to drivers, reaps the rewards of this transformative journey. Our distinctive approach will unlock this potential, ensuring that our clients can harness the power of mobility advertising,” Ms Kirabo says. 

However, this will only be possible if potential partners with a shared vision converge in one place to see how they can forge collaborations and build together.