Make printing easy with this App

Saturday October 24 2020
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By Tony Mushoborozi

You are young and you’ve just tied the knot with your sweetheart. Nine months later, you get your first born. A baby girl with round cheeks and huge biddy eyes. You are so excited about this new life you make sure to always capture spontaneous moments in every stage of her growth. From the first time she grabs your ginger to the first smile to the first time you prop her up in a sitting position with pillows, you are taking pictures with your phone. Then one day, after capturing several gigabytes of your girl over three years, your phone is snatched.

And in that moment of regret. You wish you had followed through with your plans to go to town and print them out. It’s too late now. But you have learnt a lesson. You decide you will never let that happen again. So you build a phone App that allows you to easily edit and print your memories as they happen. And in that moment, PichaApp is born.

The Developer

Simon Kasambeko Kisakye, created PichaApp to capture spontaneous fun moments that cannot be got during a pre-planned photo shoot after losing all his memories on a phone. He was so distraught he started building a solution. Talk about necessity giving birth to invention. Luckily he had the skills to boot. He’s an IT specialist with a Bachelor’s in IT and an MBA in Project Management. At first it was for his own benefit but after realizing how so many people were in the position he found himself in, , he decided to create a side hustle around his App.

“Spontaneous fun moments happen randomly in the comfort of our homes, at our kids’ school concerts, and so on. They don’t happen inside a photo studio but rather in front of our phone cameras. PichaApp allows you to send the ones that stand out so that professionals edit them, print them and send them back to you ready for the wall,” Kasambeko says.


How It Works

PichaApp is freely available at Appstore and Play Store. Signing into it is not such a hard paper as you can access it using either your Facebook or Google account. The App allows you to select your preferred sizes and number of copies before you add to cart. The pictures you upload are then received by a designated photo studio where professionals do their thing. Payments are all done online via mobile money and visa.