Scientist develops cooking stove powered by solar energy

The solar cooking stove on display during an exhibition at Makerere. Photo by Lominda Afedraru

The traditional way of cooking using firewood and charcoal may now have to be altered by those embracing upcoming innovative technologies.

One such an innovation is where a Ugandan made cook stove powered by solar energy has been invented with multipurpose functions.

It cooks food, lights the home, charges phones, plays inbuilt FM Radios and can be used for ironing.

It is moulded with two handles for easy transfer from one place to another and adopted to meet any family size needs since it cooks food in half the time the usual firewood or charcoal stove does.

This innovation is an initiative of Eco group company Ltd, a company that develops environmental friendly and innovative cook stoves.

Ms Immaculate Musiimenta one of the innovators of Eco stove in explaining how the stove operates says the idea is as a result of the ever rising challenge of cooking in the developing world with a purpose of reducing carbon foot print.

“As the molding is done, we take note of wiring it to enable flow of solar current when it is switched on for cooking. This is purely an electrical stove which depends on the solar panel but if a client wants to use hydroelectricity he or she will be given an adaptor to get connected to the main grid” she explained.

To enable the stove to function, it is connected to the solar battery and solar panel comprising of 30 watts and two led lights. The solar panel is either installed on the roof top of the house or anywhere on the compound where there is sunshine.

Before someone takes it home, the team sensitizes a client on how to use it. Once a client purchases the stove with all the other components the team is responsible to carry out installations for the buyer.  A complete component costs Shs900, 000.

While cooking, volcanic stones are added to the stove to retain heat and this stone can be purchased at the company premises in Wakaliga, a Kampala suburb. 

The Eco Stove is a smoke free, user friendly and the reusable stones can last for about six months before purchasing another bundle which weighs approximately 5kg amounting Shs30, 000.

It is adopted with an air system to increase combustion and efficiency for purposes of meeting everyday personal cooking needs.

In order to run the inbuilt air for combustion, the innovators adopted a solar kit which provides added value to the stove by its lightning and phone charging services. They have been designed with heat regulators to meet the cooking heat level needed for each meal.

Safety features include low energy light, heat regulators and safety insulation to keep it cool to touch.

Should the water drop on your stones, all you need is take them out, let them dry and reuse them again as before.

The Eco Stoves are manufactured in 2 portable sizes to meet different cooking needs namely single burner, double and oven style with two top burners.