Time and place worth every penny

Ugandans are of habit and for cultural and habitual reasons, tying the knot in church continues to be the rule than the exception. While I respect tradition and accept that it will always form an integral part of our lives, it was gratifying to see a couple depart from the norm and choose to have their nuptial ceremony take place at the marina at the elegant and swanky Lake Victoria Serena Resort Kigo.

Besides the convenience of having the entire event under one roof, metaphorically speaking the rarefied and idyllic setting the marina offers and the added backdrop of the water is unmatched.

The setting
August 9, will indelibly be etched in my mind since this is the day when my late wife Annette Nakalema was born, at the same time it was the day that our last born son chose to have his wedding. The venue was none other than the Serena Resort at Kigo and to boot officiating was at the marina.

Unlike birthdays, anniversaries and such celebrations, weddings are in the best sense of the word a one-off event and not be repeated. The choice of the marina for the all-important nuptials was unusual for Uganda but rather commonplace in Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Holland to mention a few.

It was a touch of genius and class to think of having the Bonafide band in situ who serenaded us with classical music and other liturgical numbers appropriate for such an occasion.

Scary weather
With any outdoor function, the weather is one variable that money can never buy. Funnily, on that day 14 km away in Kampala, it rained incessantly and as we drove along Salaama Road all the way to Munyonyo/Salaama, where miraculously the rain abated.
And as we approached Kigo there was not a drop of rain. The ceremony preceded apace in relative comfort with the weather best described as temperate, sombre and devoid of any sunshine.

A wedding has to be a no holds bar affair and at the end of the day the most important choice would surely have to be the venue. Yes, the budget is critical in any decision but then again as the saying goes; “you pay for what you get.”

When all things are considered, there is little doubt in my mind that the choice of the Lake Victoria Serena Resort was a wise decision.

Worth the money
Anytime that one is paying the kind of money that the Serena charges, one has to be assured of incomparable and meritorious service. The number of serving stations along with the quality of the food, not forgetting keeping the food hot and no short changing on the portions.

In the main the Serena lived up to its expectations. Not to beat a dead horse, I would be remiss in not mentioning the first class washrooms, parking and accessibility. With the recently completed Entebbe road bypass, getting to the hotel is now a cinch; a far cry from that awful murram Kigo road off Entebbe Road.

The food was well prepared and the portions were generous and seconds were allowed and never frowned upon. At the end of the day what matters is the satisfaction of the customer and the guests and lasting impressions.

A wide variety of salads including coleslaw, Russian salad, potato salad etc.
Steamed rice
Vegetable pilao
Lyonnasie potatoes
Steamed matooke
Ground nut stew
Fried beans
Grilled chicken
Grilled goat cutlets
Pan fried fish
Braised beef stew
Assorted vegetables
Dessert and carved fresh fruits

The deal
Place: The Lake Victoria Serena Resort, Kigo Road
Rating: Not to be missed
Address: Kigo Road
The sspace: A marquee that can accommodate at least 500 guests, allow Shs10m for this item.
The crowd: Invited guests from Uganda and overseas
The bar: A generous cocktail hour plus a wide variety of drinks
The damage: At least Shs75,000 per cover
Sound level: Excellent
Parking: Available and secure
If you go: Strictly by prior arrangement.

These ratings are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration. They are subject to change.


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