Maro hits right note on ‘Departures’ album before trip to Germany

Monday December 28 2020

Singer Maro entertains his fans during the scientific release of his Departures album. PHOTOS | ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

By Isaac Ssejjombwe

Singer Maro, real name Ronald Magada was supposed to travel to Germany in May this year but could not due to Covid-19. Since borders were closed, efforts to meet his two-year old baby were put on hold.

Seven months later,  has decided to pack up and go live with his family in Germany. Before leaving, however, he decided to gift his fans with a 16-track album aptly titled Departures -recorded, mastered and released during lock down.

This he did at a scientific album release  party last week  at his house with an audience of not more than 25 people who all wore masks and observed social distancing.

Accompanied by Fidel Mumble on the guitar  and Fusion Band’s Mutaba on percussion, Maro performed songs such as ‘Tompostinga’, ‘Waani’ and ‘Olwalero’ all off this particular album before doing a Christmas song and some of his popular jams like ‘Mubi Bubi’, ‘Kyokoba’ and ‘Rising star’.

‘Departure’ has lots of collaborations from upcoming musicians including ‘African girl’ with JT, ‘Traveller’ with Mason Presents and ‘Life’ with Evan Vocal among others.

Maro says he featured these artistes because 10 years in the music industry presented him with ideas to give back to the industry by offering a helping hand to new generation. Besides the artistes, some of these songs on the album were produced by a relatively new comer who has been in the business for barely eight months.  


Maro also features established artistes such as Rocky Giant, Flex D’Pepper while Nessim, Zuli Tums, Eros Beats and Slim Beats, where the other producers on this album.

Maro however disputes allegations that this might be the last time we are seeing him saying that he will only be gone for just three months.

“Maro is going to continue singing. I just want to be a good dad to my daughter. I want to live an exemplary life as a father. Do not write me off the music scene just because I am not in the country. Music is my passion and my love,” he stated.

Besides that, he says he has properties to monitor so seeking asylum in Germany forever is out of the question.
Shortly before the event ended, revellers also enjoyed a silent disco.

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