Vampino, Uncle Mo light up Jinja Bright House

Benon and Uncle Mo made a potential hit live on stage. Photos/Isaac Ssejjombwe

What you need to know:

  • It was bright lights and good vibes in Jinja at the weekend as creatives including artist Kwiz_Era, content creator Uncle Mo, singer Azawi and producer Benon passed on knowledge to young people.

Singer Elvis Kirya commonly known as Vampino is rarely on stage but when he gets on, he gives his all and what he did last Saturday at the Jinja edition of the Bright House tour at Nile Park (Source of the Nile), was worth the long wait. 
The first edition of the Guinness Bright House happened in Gulu last year in November and there was so much anticipation for the second edition, especially because of the experience it brought. 
The experience kicked off with a day mode that saw creatives treated to a buffet of creative outlets in the spaces of fashion, music, art and sports.
This included live art painting with celebrated visual artist Kwiz_Era who also gave an art master class on what passionate young artists can do to grow a step closer to realising their artistic dreams, a music master class by veteran producer Benon Mugumbya who talked creatives through the simplest ways of making music and how technology can enhance those dreams, among others.

Revellers definitely enjoying every moment

Benon’s Master class on music saw creatives witness the live creation of what can possibly be a “hit” song when he put digital content creator and comedian Uncle Mo on the spot and the two created what should be termed the bright house hit song named Makanika we Kireka as it sent revellers in super star mode with many singing along. The song was recorded and mastered on stage.
The day mode of the Bright House also included a sports master class by Jinja’s very own Coach Ayub and Fufa’s Shawn Mubiru. The two spoke passionately about the talent that Jinja has and how leadership can harness it. They also talked directly to young sports enthusiasts about passion and commitment and how these can change a young sports man’s life for the better.
However, the highlight of the experience came during the night mode that saw revellers treated to a dancehall music session from Vampino. Whather it was nostalgia or vibes, Vampino awakened everyone’s inner dancer when he threw an exhilarating performance of some of his smash hits. 
Bingili, his collaboration with Bushoke was the first song he did but not many knew it in audience. It was, however, Kwekunyakunya that caught everyone’s attention. 
From then, the pace was set and he never looked back, giving revellers more songs, including I Love You, a joint track with Goodlyf. Dancers joined him on Engoma, Got No Money and Take It Easy. 

Vampino joined on stage by Benon to perform their collabo. 

But that was not all, the surprise of the night was when Benon who is the other half of now defunct Benon and Vampos, joined his former groupmate on stage sending revellers into a frenzy with a performance of their 2007 hit song I Know and Locomotive, an all-star song. An attempt by Benon to sing everyone else’s verse was fun and funny at the same time. 
The night was closed off by Azawi, who performed alongside the double black band.
The songbird took revellers on a journey of musical bliss with songs such as My Year, Quinamino, Repeat It, Majje among others.