A gentleman’s guide to shoes

Your shoes will compliment or kill an outfit, so knowing when to wear- what-when helps you complete that look Photos by Douglas D. Sebamala

What you need to know:

TRENDY. Your shoes will compliment or kill an outfit, so knowing when to wear- what-when helps you complete that look, explores Douglas D. Sebamala.

“I do not know what type of shoes I wear. I just know which type of shoes to put on for which outfit,” Kenny Mpanju says as he aligns the 10 pairs of shoes in his closet. Unlike many men, Mpanju who is at University invests a fortune in shoes. But it is no surprise that while he minds the shoes he wears, like many he simply cares about the shoe appearances, only identifying them by label and not type.
So, how about a little trip to your wardrobe to pin point the kind of shoes you have been wearing, with tips on how to wear them best. Your shoes will compliment or kill an outfit, so knowing when to wear- what-when helps you complete that look.

What many men call the gentleman shoes have a distinct raised surface at the front top of your foot’s entry (tongue). They have a U-design at the upper foot area and a raised sole. They are a must wear for suits. These are closely related to types like whole cuts (very sharp front) lace ups, and brogues. They are perfect for matching with a suit and can walk to all official events, much as casual ones when fitted with a nice pair of jeans.

For every man that enjoys time at the gym, these are a must have. There is no way you will wear brogues or loafers to the gym or when you are going for these budding marathons around the city. You will look ridiculous while the stylish man is fitted into his sleek pair of trainers. They are very sporty shoes for jogging. They come in varieties too like Chunky and slim fit sneakers, depending on the label designer.

Also in the line most Ugandans call gentle shoes, these have a variety like Cap toe oxford with a lined cover cap over the front as though to protect one’s toes. Oxfords are light to walk with, and can fit best on those days you simply want to run out of the house for quick errands on a busy day. “I have at least three pairs of Oxfords” says Guy Maza, a fashion designer. “They are very comfortable” he says.

Boots are have a raised leg area surface, often rising up to the space below your calf. These look nice when matched with a nice pair of jeans, yet interestingly, one can wear them to the office too. Boots work well in the rainy season and come in a variety of types such as Chukka, Chelsea, Timberlands, Hiking boots and cow boy boots.

Model: Guy Manza
What: Raw Denim collections
Where: Ham Shopping Mall, Makerere
NOTE: For dress shoes, one must always make sure that aside from price consideration, they do not compromise with quality of the shoes. Find durable shoes by paying extra attention to the strength of the sole, the texture of the body and the cleaning mechanism.
Always match shoes with the colour of your belt for sleek style. Find a pair that is neither a size too big nor small. Invest in more than two pairs so you can switch between casual and corporate outfits with a matching pair of shoes.


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