Find the right sunglasses for your face shape

Combo: Walter Kabuye, JB Halera, Designer and Oliver Mwanko Wambile. Photos/Richard Ojambo

What you need to know:

  • Style. Going on a journey to find sunglasses that fit your style, and your face shape can be exciting. Sunglasses may work for protection from the ultraviolet (UV) rays, to creating a unique fashion statement. Men talk about their go-to sunglasses and why that choice.

Walter  Kabuye,

I would go for geometric or round vintage Versace sunglasses because they accentuate the star in me. I turn some heads while wearing them. They also protect my eyes from the sun glaze and the dust that comes with it.

Sir Fact Zamani, 

I have a face shape that suits all kinds of shades. I therefore find it easy to use most kinds of shades. I, however, prefer shades that do not overly cover my face because I like simplicity. I do not like white-framed shades because they look like toys.

Oliver Mwanko Wambile, 
Eye glasses expert  at  Lapaire

 I love aviator sunglasses, stylish, and a bit black-brownish to match my skin complexion. Aviators are easy to rock on various occasions whether corporate or casual.

JB Halera, 

I always go for the round, clear ones because when you are talking to someone and you are wearing tinted glasses, it feels disrespectful, especially when I do not want to remove the glasses.  I believe in eye contact and wearing shades gets in the way of that. They also help when I am driving.

Choosing  the right sunglasses 
for your  face shape

Sunglasses can be used as a protective measure against UV light from the sun and dust, but can also work as a fashion statement.
Visit an optician or legit stores so that you do not end up buying counterfeit glasses which pose a risk to your eye health.
The risks may include headaches, difficulty seeing well under the sun, squinting a lot, and probable insomnia.

Oval shape (cat face)
According to Priverevaux,  if one has an oval face, choose glasses that are as wide as the widest part of the face (typically across your eyes or cheeks). This will help balance out the length of your face.
People with cat faces look good in rectangular sunglasses.
“If your face is round and you put on round glasses, the space between your eyes seems bigger and the glasses do not seem to fit well. The face also looks smaller than it is,” Mwanko says.
Rectangular glasses compliment one’s face and also give it a more appropriate size of face.

Dog face
One with a dog face looks good in round and oval sunglasses. One can also rock the look with pilot, cat-eye, and gladiator glasses among other shapes.

Heart shape
A heart face has a wider forehead and cheekbones, narrow jawline, and pointy chin.
Cat-eye glasses are not only practical in terms of balancing the features of a heart-shaped face, but also make a head-turning style statement. Mwanko says they also help one feel good in their skin.
The face can also work with aviators (also known as pilot sunglasses), rectangular and square sunglasses (which balance out the proportion of the face), and round sunglasses.

Skin tone, fashion statement
Knowing your skin tone and what colour blends with it helps a lot not to over-flatter your face, creating a proportional balance of oneself and accessories.
People with darker skin tones, according to Mwanko, need darker frames. If it is not too sunny or the room is not too lit up, the glasses overshadow the person if there is much contrast between the skin tone and the colour.
“When you are lighter, bold colours are more favourable as they blend with your skin tone,” he adds.

Being a complementary fashion accessory, sunglasses complement different kinds of clothes for different occasions.
“If you are formally dressed, there are types of glasses that suit your look. There are also glasses for beachwear so that one does not look too official,” Mwanko says.
There are also glasses for different types of events and ceremonies that help one look the part.

Finding  genuine sunglasses
Mwanko advises one to always look for and search the serial numbers of the sunglasses to find out if they are legit. The glasses must at least have ultraviolet (UV) protection wording on them. This helps one against the UV light rays from the sun, which are damaging to the eyes over time.