Futuristic and dapper designs

What you need to know:

FASHION TIME. The beautifully-lit runway at Paple Rayn’s third anniversary of couture showcase got tongues wagging while men and women who appreciate fashion made their way into Forest Mall parking yard in Lugogo. Esther Oluka focused on the men’s collection.

Three years down for Paple Rayn. They celebrated last Saturday at the Forest Mall parking yard in Lugogo, fashion was top on the agenda. Six renowned designers showcased; among them was Raphael Kasule commonly known as K- Raphael and Suasenna Tusiime, the proprietor of Paple Rayn Hub whose collections focused on men.

Kasule branded his collection as futuristic focusing more on the film industry while Tusiime said hers is for the dapper (stylish) men. K-Raphael says, “My collection can be seen on red carpets to step out of the ordinary. You can wear them to movies, music videos, and conceptual art.”

“My collection is for that experimental man who wants to be unique and different in style. Men can wear it to any occasion including office parties and to weddings,” Suasenna explains.
As Suasenna made closing remarks, she named, Sauti Ya Africa, a singing group as Paple Rayn hub ambassadors. Away from the runaway, thumbs up to the male guests who put their fashion-savvy foot forward especially those who opted for suits. Those who did not make any efforts, you score a zero!

slitted sleeve blazers
Corduroy slitted-sleeve blazers add a vintage touch to a formal look. Teaming this with moccasins does scream stylish! According to Suasenna Tusiime, each piece takes at most three days to make. Prices for the outfits range between 180,000 to 250,000.

You could have a sand brown blazer but tone it down with a dark lapel and black dress shirt.

In this dusty city one need not wear a gas mask or look like a surgeon but a stylish shimmery mask here nails the stylish look.
K-Rafael says on average, each piece takes about 4 to 6 hours to complete and they cost between Shas200,000 to 500,0000.