How to look polished easily

Getting dressed every day is usually done with the intention of standing out, or looking polished and smart. Often times, this is sadly not achieved even when the most fashionable items are pieced together. This means that, there is more to looking polished than trends. It is all about understanding a few styling techniques, which are very basic by the way. So, this week, we find out how to put together a standout ensemble.

The accessories.
Accessorising is a great way to add character and fun to your outfit. Regardless of how great your clothes look, without accessories, they have no life. Accessories come in a number of items, from your watch, to a necklace and even the detail on your outfit. It is important to understand when you have to go big on them, and where you can go completely subtle. Sometimes, a simple pair of sunglasses can suffice. You do not have to overthink accessories, just pick out those that feel and look like they are an extension of your outfit and personality.

Fit is very important.
If it does not fit, stay away from it. Usually the first impression is made from the fit of the outfit. This makes a tailor a fashionista’s best asset. This is because, it is only a tailor that will easily make clothes that fit you like a glove. Interestingly, sometimes ill-fitting can be fashionable as well for example with boyfriend jeans. So, it is both ways.

The outfit has to be cohesive.
If you are matching a number of colours, let them be from the same colour palette, and if not, try to coordinate them in a way that they do not look like different patches put together. An outfit that is not well put together is always busy on the eye, and a big turn-off.

Minimal is always enough.
Putting together a number of style trends in one, can end up into a disaster and make you look like you are desperate for attention. You even do not have to embrace any trend to look polished. Just let one trend be the focal point of your outfit. Play with that, and keep everything else basic.

Makeup is another key point to note as you put your outfit together.
Makeup says a lot about your personality. A simple swipe of lip gloss can go a long way. You do not have to go all out. If the outfit is dramatic, try to keep the makeup subtle and understated.

Four ways to look your best at work

Err on the side of dressing up. Why does Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie get so much attention? It is not a big deal that he dresses down among his colleagues; plenty of startups feature casual dress codes.
Instead, it is the fact that he refuses to dress up even for big moments, like meeting with investors: his clothing is a sign of disrespect.

If you are meeting with others, show consideration by dressing well. And for younger workers, it may pay off with new opportunities.
You do not have to dress expensively. You may want to accent your wardrobe with high-end staples that are well constructed and will last a long time.
But the idea that executives need to enter some kind of sartorial arms race is ludicrous.

Italian suits aren’t mandatory and you do not need to purge your closet every season – maybe if you’re a model, but certainly not if you’re a professional businessperson.
Buy styles that compliment your build. You will make your life easier if you find one or two “go-to” stores whose fashions you like and whose clothes usually fit.

You many not be viewed as sufficiently polished by colleagues because your clothes were too baggy. If you have trouble finding clothes that work, do not be afraid to pay for tailoring. It is a minor expense that can make an ill-fitting outfit look great.
Find a signature item. Do not worry if it does not come naturally to you – but if you have a passion for bowties or brooches or multicolored socks, go for it.

The days of conformity are over; what people are likely to remember about you is how you’re different and unique.
How you look, for better or worse, is an important part of your personal brand. But dressing well does not have to cost a lot of money or take up that much time.
You just have to think strategically about what works for your figure and your style, and go for it.