Multi-tasking bandana scarf

What you need to know:

STREET STYLE. A favourite for street style stars and festival goers, the bandana has managed to maintain it’s cool as a very classic piece of clothing

A bandana is considered one of the 90s coolest accessories that is fast getting back on the fashion radar. This really inexpensive accessory is a bold statement maker that can be worn anywhere from your head to your neck, wrist, leg and more.

How to wear it
• Drop your statement necklace and knot a bandana around the neck for a modern yet classic look. Fold it well and let it hang loosely at the centre of your chest.
• Wrap a bandana around your wrist like a bracelet. Tie it into a knot at the front. Add more accessories such as a wristwatch to make your arm look even cooler.
• Tie it around your neck like a choker. Use this piece of fabric to create an interesting take on the choker trend. Fold it into a fine tiny strip and tie it into a knot around the neck.
• Let it hang from your bag strap for a cool pop of colour on your luggage. Your personal style extends to everything you own and that can also be your travel luggage. Tie a bandana around the handle of your suitcase as you travel for ‘jet set’ inspired style.
• For the edgy kind of girl, fold the bandana finely and tie it around your ankle for an unexpected look. This obviously draws attention to your footwear.
• You can do it the old school way, but with a twist. Wrap it around your hair, tie the ends into a knot and let them hang at the front.
• It can also be tied as a belt for a bright and fun look.