‘Delaying to propose did not deter my love’

The couple says it is important to keep third parties out of your marriage since a marriage is between two people. PHOTOs/Rajab Mukombozi

What you need to know:

Adellah and David dated for eight years. However, even without a proposal or promise of marriage, through his daily affirmations, Adellah knew that David would eventually marry her. Her patience finally paid off when David proposed on December 11, 2022. The couple share their journey with Rajab Mukombozi

Last year on Dec 11, under the guise of attending a dinner party organised by a non-governmental organisation based in Mbarara City, Adellah Orishaba was lured to a surprise marriage proposal.

“My sister and friends asked me to accompany them to dinner and I accepted. On the day, I went to the salon, did some makeup and dressed elegantly ready for the dinner. I even informed my boyfriend that I would be returning home late that day,” says Adellah.

However, on arrival at the site of the dinner, Adellah says, she noticed that she knew everyone there including her boyfriend.

“I was surprised by family and friends all ready to go on this next phase of our relationship with us. Before I could come to terms with what was happening, my boyfriend of eight years got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife,” Adellah says, adding that although it had taken a long time for him to commit, the wait was worth it.


According to Adellah, she was never worried that David Ssali would leave her. Their love had become stronger through shared experiences spanning eight years.

 “I had experienced nothing but love, patience and commitment from him. Every day he would confirm his commitment to marry me not only through words but actions as well. Because of this, I remained patient knowing that David was the one,” she says.


Adellah says because they had dated for a while, at some point, her parents worried that David was not serious since he had refused to commit. So, they kept hinting at a wedding and the news of their engagement and pending traditional marriage was met with jubilation.

“I introduced the love of my life to friends and family on Dec 17, 2022, at our family home in Bukinda, Rukiga District. Like many other parents, my parents were elated, welcomed us well and blessed our marriage,” Adellah says. 

How they met

Adellah and David met in 2014 as employees of a TV station in Mbarara City. Adellah was a news anchor while David was a production control manager.

“Although we were fresh recruits, I was immediately drawn to her personality and how she treated others,” David says.

“David would guide and advise me professionally and on the proper way to conduct myself such as the proper dress code and the proper way to talk.  Although it was not his responsibility, he cared enough to make sure that I excel at my job,” says Adellah.

David notes that with time, what started as a need to help a workmate excel blossomed into a lovely romance.


“Couples should know that a relationship is between two people. Therefore, you should watch what you tell other people about your relationship because like they say, too many cooks spoil the soup. Focus on what makes you happy and grow your relationship together. Do not be in a relationship to impress others,” David says.

Adellah says oftentimes, most couples fail to learn each other’s likes and dislikes which is key in knowing how to effectively communicate with a partner.

“People will keep asking you when he is proposing, when you are getting married, is he serious with the relationship or playing around. Some may even want you to issue an ultimatum. If you are not careful, such questions may distract you from your purpose for the relationship. If you find the person you love, commit to them and them alone,” Adellah advises.    

What does patience mean in dating?

Many people believe that dating is an instant gratification game. They want to find someone, get married and live happily ever after. The truth is that not everyone wants the same things out of a relationship, which means you need to be willing to wait for what you really want.

Patience is essential in dating because it allows you to get to know someone better. The more time you spend with your significant other, the easier it will be for both of you to get close and intimate.

Why is patience necessary in dating?

Patience is vital in dating because it can help build a strong foundation for your relationship.

People often rush into things, and they end up paying the consequences later on down the road. They might start fighting with their partner over something silly, or they begin to resent each other.

Having patience allows you to focus more on what is most important; getting to know someone as well as possible before making any life-changing decisions such as moving in together or planning a future together.