Adjustments I have had to make since getting married

Daniella Gulume and Mark Ernest Gulume

What you need to know:

When asked about some of the habits that stuck seven after she was married, she says she would come up with all the ‘proggie’ with her girlfriends and want to go to all the 'plot' she had been invited to.

Marriage is a gift and blessing to many, but there is more to learn in this new season, Esther Tusiime Byoona shares different couples' experiences.

Daniella Gulume and Mark Ernest Gulume

The Gulumes tied the knot last year in September. They say they are still  in the honeymoon phase and are enjoying every minute of their marriage.

"It is a journey of exploration, we are learning to know each other more than we did when we were dating and it has been a nice experience to see more of him," shares Daniella.

"I have had to adjust to leaving my father's home and not going home all the time," She adds.

Daniella says another adjustment is learning to spend more time with her husband at their home.

"I was not used to staying in the same house with the same person everyday but it is a weirdly nice experience," Gulume recalls.

She explains that she is making Mark Ernest her first priority in their marriage.

"While we were dating, I was my first priority but now he is my first priority, I do not think of doing something without thinking about him and what he would say," Daniella announces.

She says when planning to do something, she has to tell Mark so that he knows.

Mark Ernest says that he has had to reduce friends of the opposite sex and also dedicate his night-time to his wife.

When asked about what funny things happen as a married couple, he says his wife Daniella forgets her maiden name when filling out documents.

Joel Mukisa and Mackline Mukisa

The Mukisa's have been married for five years and their journey has not been a walk in the park.

"Our marriage was fun and a little uncomfortable. Fun in the sense that I had my own home and a life-long partner, uncomfortable in the sense that I had a lot of learning and unlearning to do, "Mackline recalls.

Mackline adds that she had a lot of adjustments to deal with that were foreign to her.

"I learnt I have this person I am accountable to myself,” she recalls.

She says they came from two totally different backgrounds and cultures.

When asked about some of the habits that stuck seven after she was married, she says she would come up with all the ‘proggie’ with her girlfriends and want to go to all the 'plot' she had been invited to.

"It was funny because I was carrying my single life mindset into marriage," Mackline says.

"Marriage is great.  I found a best friend to do life with and to share a future with, "Joel says.

Mukisa adds that his adjustments were in learning to be accountable in everything from finances to friendships.

"I had to keep my wife in the know about my every move as a way of being accountable, "he says.

When asked how he has adjusted in his marriage, he says he concentrates on the positives of his spouse, tries to bring out the best in her and be patient.

"I try to be patient with her because she is patient with me. I know her likes and dislikes as well," Mukisa adds.

The Mukisa's advice to newlywed couples is to be patient with spouses and to learn to compromise.

"Pray together with your spouse and as a family, "Joel adds.

Beatrice Nakibuuka Yiga and Steven Price Yiga

Beatrice Nabikuuka says she has been married for three years and nine months. She says one day when she got married she ended up getting a taxi to her parents’ home instead of her own.

"I had to get out of the taxi and get a boda back to the Old Taxi park, “She adds.

Beatrice says she also had to adjust to washing her husband's clothes.