Believe that it will not end in tears

Thursday February 11 2021

Christine Nakalungi

By Christine Nakalungi

Nowadays, social media is filled with pessimists who see the bad in everything. When some people look at a beautiful couple, they conclude that that too shall end in tears. To some, this might just be a joke but the parties involved take it seriously. They begin to think whether there is a hidden agenda that prompts one to say something like that. This causes doubt in what was a seemingly strong relationship. And God forbid this couple meets a glitch on their journey, the same words come floating back to them, “it is after all going to end in tears.”

To whoever is worried whether your relationship will survive the divorce wave, fear no more because truthfully, no one knows what tomorrow will bring and no one can dictate what will happen but God. How about you enjoy today and tomorrow will sort itself out? If, God forbid, your marriage takes a turn for the worse, at least you will have enjoyed the time you had with each other.

Marriage is a covenant where two people believe that they are happier together than apart. However, although some live happily ever after, others do not and that is life. What works for you might not work for your neighbours and vice versa.

Love is a river that is ever flowing. Some people jump in and swim just for a little while, others drown, whereas others just learn to float for a longer period or forever. This river of love never dries. It is the players that give up on swimming. And this river of love is always welcoming to whoever wants to join.

 A colleague has been overly excited about her wedding. She was personally involved in everything from choosing attires for her bridemaids to selection of service providers. However, a week before the wedding, as her sisters took her for a surprise bridal shower, she developed cold feet and wept dearly that they had to cancel the event.

They called her mother who came over to talk to her. “What if our marriage does not work?” What if he cheats on me with another woman, what if I cannot get pregnant? What if...” She went on and on about her fears they all looked at their mother for answers. Apparently, she had met her fiancé’s ex-girlfriend who together with her friends told her that their marriage will end in tears.


“My dear, we wake up each day and lay our beds with hopes of sleeping in it that night but without assurance that we will make it back alive. This does not stop us from living our lives anyway. So, whether your marriage will be blissful or not, it sure deserves a chance. Drink all your fears tonight because tomorrow the sun will shine again, and your vision will be clearer,” her mother advised as she handed her a glass of wine.

Truth is, if you do not give yourself and your relationship a chance, then you will not work hard to make sure that it succeeds. As a matter of fact, the people who say that your marriage will end in tears silently wish that they had what you have.

Life is what you believe and make it to be. In marriage, purpose to drive all negativity from your life and believe that if you and your partner put in the work, then nobody has the authority to speak an end to that marriage.