Do not put unnecessary pressure on your relationship

It all started with just a few bars closing and now the entire country is on a lockdown with curfew. Meanwhile, the way some Local Defence Unit (LDU) members are punishing the citizens is worrying. They surely are competing with Covid-19 to see who or what kills Ugandans first. Let us stay safe and save lives.

That aside, most people have resorted to all awakening tips trying to turn their marriages into a fairytale during this lockdown. Women who thought were so busy to start a family are now panicking and under pressure to come out of this with signs such as nausea and vomiting.

It is at this point that some people have realised that there are things that matter more than careers and chasing money.
Other people are determined to come out of this lockdown having solved all the issues that they were pushing aside in the name of, “can we talk about this on a weekend? I have an early meeting tomorrow.” And if your spouse was keeping tabs on those issues, I am scared that this time you have no excuse but to answer all questions that were previously ignored.

But in the process, a number of people are seemingly putting too much pressure on their relationships and marriages. Rome was not built in a day, and as this is a big opportunity for everyone to reflect on their lives and come out better and refreshed. It is not time to strain your relationship.

You should know that when a mind is already stressed, nothing productive might come out of any conversation.
If you pour all your frustration onto your spouse in one day, you are likely to get a far worse excuse or jump out of this lockdown with a divorce letter. Handle matters maturely or let them go until this pressure has lifted.

Some men have become forensic scientists, asking why the house is not sparkling, too much salt in the food and other small issues. One man posted on social media how disappointed he was with his wife’s cooking.

“I cannot believe that I wasted all the dowry and travelled such a long distance for marriage; she cannot even afford to make a proper meal.”

Well, either this couple has been eating out a lot or they have services of a maid and now that coronavirus has humbled all of us, he is starting to scrutinise his partner’s cooking. But then, did she ever tell you that she is a professional chef?

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