How these couples are spending Christmas

What you need to know:

Whether it is travelling to a dream destination or just staying at home to binge watch your favourite Christmas movies, there are many ways to enjoy the festive season.

For many of us, Christmas 2022 feels like the first ‘normal’ Christmas since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with more opportunities to spend time with loved ones or enjoy parties with friends. But this year we are also faced with a new challenge; the cost of living crisis. Many people are opting out of their usual extravagant celebrations and instead choosing to celebrate at home in order to cut on expenses.

Christmas can be a magical time for lots of people but for those in a relationship, it can also involve navigating challenges such as mixed expectations and different traditions, from what kind of gifts to give to what to eat or how you will split your time between each other’s family.

These couples share how they are spending their day.

Obedi and Rachael Kiyaga, married

This is our fifth Christmas together as a married couple. Previously, we would always be invited by other families but this time, we are planning to host our parents, siblings, friends and other family members for Christmas Lunch at our home. Since it is our first time to host, it is exciting and preparations are already in high gear, especially when it comes to Christmas decoration, lights, gifts, balloons, cards, games and movies.

We want to make this year’s Christmas memorable, especially for the children just like our parents used to do. We shall also have different activities meant to remind everyone that Jesus Christ was born and later died for our sins so that we can live and enjoy they life we are enjoying.

Denis and Jane Ssendege

We are not planning much this year. Our programme starts on 24 with a service at our local church, before returning home to prepare all the delicacies for the big day.

Since we have invited some guests, we need to prepare everything beforehand so that we have enough time to spend with our guests when they arrive.

 The decision to stay at home this Christmas was influenced by the many accidents that have been happening on our roads.

We chose the safe option for us as a family. We know that it is easy for children to get bored, especially at such celebrations the reason we have planned enough activities to keep them busy throughout the day.

Ivan and Edgar Naijuka, married

For the first time, I am spending Christmas with my wife and children. Previously, we would travel to spend it with our extended family but we have agreed to spend this time to appreciate and nurture our growing family. We have also planned for a day out with our friends who will not be travelling upcountry. This will be a perfect time to get to know each other and also allow our children to make new friends.

Ivan and Tinah Mitara

We have always spent Christmas at home but this year, we plan to travel upcountry to celebrate with our parents and relatives. It is going to be the first official gathering for us (my family) a few months after our wedding.

Timothy and Joan Sentamu

Since we are getting married soon, our hands are tied and must be hosted by our parents. Our earlier plan of a vacation to Zanzibar will not come through this year. Of course we expect some delicious food, laughter and good company.

We will first go to church in the morning to thank the Lord for everything we have achieved and what we are yet to achieve (Holy Matrimony).


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