It was love at first sight for Kayonga and Mildred

Physician Noah Kayonga and businesswoman Mildred Nakitto on their wedding day. PHOTO/FILE/HANDOUT 

What you need to know:

  • Love is never blind. Noah Kayonga a physician and Mildred Nakitto a businesswoman were matched by their family, Esther Tusiime Byoona tells their story.

Mildred received an invitation from her aunt to visit her home in 2019 while she was working at Kampala University. She was advised to be smart because there was a function that she wanted Mildred to escort her to.

“Since it was a weekend, I knew I would be able to visit her, so we agreed that we would meet at her home and then go for the function,” she says.

Mildred adds that when she reached her aunt’s home, there were no signs of her attending any function.
“She was home, relaxed. I wondered if she lied to me; I realised she was moving around while making phone calls,” she continues.

Mildred says as the day progressed, her aunt received some visitors. The visitors were Noah and his father, who knew her aunt’s family.

Noah says his parents saw Mildred at their vow renewal ceremony; he was attending the function but did not see her.
“My parents told me they had seen a beautiful girl, and me being a single man, they encouraged me to meet her. I told them I would meet her one day,” he recalls.

He alerted them when he was coming home and ready to meet Mildred.
“I went with my dad, and he assured me that it was okay if I did not like her,” he notes.

After greeting Mildred, Noah realised he liked her and wondered if she had the same feelings.
“When we were leaving her aunt’s home, I approached her and told her my feelings. I asked for her number, and she was willing to give it to me,” he says.

“She told me she wanted someone who was to date her intentionally for marriage; I knew I had to be serious with her,” Noah adds.

They started talking, and two weeks later, Noah visited her at her workplace.
“I visited her at Kampala University to confirm if she was working. I got to meet her colleagues,” he notes.

“It was love at first sight; when I saw her, I noticed her beauty and loved her,” Noah adds.
“I liked him too, though I was sceptical; he was energetic, physically appealing, youthful, and had an attractive physique,” she says.

Noah planned the proposal as a surprise after Mildred’s birthday. The proposal was made in August 2019.
“While we were dating, I had made up my mind that she was the person I needed in my life,” he recalls.

The proposal was a surprise party at Capital Kitchen, where Noah invited family and friends.
“Her birthday was the previous day, and I pretended that I had no idea about her birthday since I was planning for the proposal,” Noah explains.

“I normally do not celebrate my birthday, but he called to wish me a happy birthday and talked about lunch the next day,” she recalls.

Mildred says she was surprised by the proposal.
“I was humbled and knew things were getting serious, so I said yes,” Mildred notes.

The couple had an indoor Kukyala of 35 people. Mildred says they wanted to have a kukyala and wedding that were within their financial means.

“We did not have a planning committee for the Kukyala I had discussions with my parents about what we would need, and we were able to buy them; the budget was within our means,” Noah says.
Mildred notes that they would talk about what they would give their guests, which would help them plan accordingly.

Wedding preparations
The wedding committee had six members who were close friends.
“My friend was not able to attend the meetings physically, so she would attend virtually. We had a budget of Shs12m because we knew most people would not be able to attend,” she says.
She adds that the wedding chairman advised her on how much money both sides would bring.

Service providers
The service was held at Nabbingo Catholic Parish, and the reception was at the Fairway Hotel Nakasero. Their guests were 50 due to the Covid-19 restrictions at the time.

“We got a good deal with Fairway Hotel; they gave us food, music, and their hall; we used their gardens for a photo shoot,” Noah explains.

Businesswoman Mildred Nakitto displays her ring on the day she got married to Noah Kayonga,. PHOTO/FILE/HANDOUT

“The cake was spectacular, and the décor and photography were amazing as well,” Mildred adds.

Mildred’s matron was her little sister, and Noah’s best man was his young brother.
“The total number of guests at the wedding had to be 50 people, including us and the entourage,” she continues.

The best moments
“When my wife was walking down the aisle, I smiled from ear to ear; it was a different kind of feeling,” he says.
“I was overwhelmed with Noah’s happiness; the décor was nice; they decorated with the colours I liked,” she recalls.

The couple was disappointed with some friends and relatives who thought they had intentionally planned not to invite them to the wedding.

“There was a lot of bitterness and disappointment from friends and relatives, but the beauty was that our parents supported us,” he recalls.

Premarital counselling 
The premarital counselling sessions were in Kanyanya Parish. Noah explains that Kanyanya Parish was nearer to the parish they were wedding at.

He says he learnt how marriage is about sacrifice, love, and commitment.
“Marriage is a commitment till death; it is important to be ready to face everything that marriage brings,” he notes.
Mildred says she learnt that respect and love for her husband are paramount.

The Kukyala was on January 18, 2020, at Mildred’s aunt’s home in Nsangi. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the couple did not have an introduction, but their wedding was on 29 August, 2020.

The honeymoon was at a guesthouse in Entebbe called The Hive. The couple spent one week there.

“You need support; get some trusted people around you,” he explains.
“A man’s decision is key; my husband was determined to start a family after the wedding,” she says.

Bride: Mildred Nakitto
Groom: Noah Kayonga
Date: August 29, 2020
Reception: Fairway Hotel
Church: Nabbingo Catholic Parish
Photography: Photopoint Photography