Relationship memories: The naughty and nasty

What you need to know:

In most cases, to have a stable relationship, you must have gone through a lot and have seen a lot. For the following people, these are experiences they will never forget

Jonathan Kamoga: The detective

During my earlier years, I was dating two girls, one would visit after the other but this one time, one decided to call abruptly that she was on her way. The other one had left early in the morning and she had a tendency of leaving behind some of her clothes. I looked for a place to hide them and could not find any until my mind went to the ceiling. I climbed and threw them there. On coming back home, this other girl had got the clothes I had hidden and properly laid on the bed.

Of course, I had to deny that I knew anything about them. Years went by and out of curiosity, I asked how she found out and her reply was that she found footprints on the wall and thus decided to climb and see what was going on.

Edwin Mugulusi: Unleashed violence

I was the kind of person that made it clear to the woman I dated that they could not stay at my place for more than two days. I loved my privacy until I met a stubborn girl. I enjoyed her company for the two days but she decided to provoke me. She came determined and after a month of dating started prolonging her stay. First for four days, then a week. So one time, she decided to come without telling me. I was watching TV at around 11pm with the lights off. She came and knocked on the door. I peeped and noticed it was her. I went back, switched off the TV and went into the bedroom. She went to the bedroom window and knocked. I refused to open it and she decided to break the window. Still I refused. This time she went to the sitting room, broke the window too and pushed the TV set. I went and opened it because she was capable of burning down the house I was renting.

Denis Aine: Dumped on the phone

I had a girlfriend for two years and we were really in love. She used to drop by at least thrice a week to help me with house chores among other things but something happened that I will never forget. She suddenly stopped communicating and after two weeks, she called me on an international number and told me she was in California USA. We were on good terms but she decided to break my heart just like that.

Ismail Isabirye: They teamed up

  I was dating two girls at the same time and one day, I was called one to spend the night. Unfortunately, the other one must have got skeptical and her instincts told her to drop by at night. She told me she was on her way to my place and my efforts to stop her hit a dead end.

She reached a few minutes before I did and just as my boda boda was making a turn to my place, I saw her approaching the door and she saw me but decided to make a U-turn and spend the night at my work place. I went back home the following morning expecting blood all over the place but was in for a surprise. Nothing had happened. They did not fight or argue. In fact, they even slept on the same bed. They opened for me and one by one interrogated me in the bedroom. I was able to convince each of them that I love them more.

Florence Ajuna: Played by twins

While in high school, I was one of the most beautiful girls at school. Boys were crazy about me but I was so proud. However, a certain boy came to our school in my class stream and he was very handsome. Being the handsome one, he started wooing me and I fell for him. Little did I know, he had joined along with his twin brother who was in another stream. They were so identical and dated me in turns without my knowledge. I think they were briefed before about my pride and would talk it out with the rest of their friends. I realised after two months. I was so embarrassed that I came up with so many excuses to leave that school.

Monica akello: Dating a younger boy

In the early 20s, I was a prefect at school, respected and very bright. Being in Senior Five, most students feared me because I always used an iron fist on them. However, there was this student who swept me off my feet. He was a footballer in Senior Two. He was so good at football that he was a celebrity at school. Always wanting the best, I wooed him and we started dating. However, after a year, I was found out, called out on assembly, embarrased and   suspended.