The Tusiimes had counselling for one week

Media fraternity welcome Ivan and Susan to the reception venue. PHOTO/COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • The couple composed a committee of five which organised wedding meetings for friends and family.

Ivan Tusiime, a media personality and Susan Kyomugisha, a businesswoman met in 2013 at Susan’s workplace. Since then they developed a friendship and exchanged their wedding vows on December 18, 2022.

But they had to go for premarital counselling for a week at Nyamitanga Cathedral in Mbarara City.
“We were best friends for a long time, we knew almost everything about each other, but we knew we were joining another lifetime journey and we thought premarital counselling would give us a strong foundation for thie new life,” says Ivan.

During premarital counselling, Ivan explains they learnt many things such as improving relationships, showing each other affection but adds that what stood out was listening to each other (communication skills).

How they met
The two met at Susan’s workplace in Kakoba where she used to sell clothes. Ivan had gone to buy clothes.
“I went to buy clothes from Susan’s shop in Mbarara City. She was polite, humble and welcoming. I became a regular customer and eventually we became friends,” narrates Ivan.    

After sometime, some other attributes such as beauty became irresistible but also as friendship and started sharing I realised Susan was also hard working.

“I realised she had most of the attributes of my ideal wife but I had to be patient. I had always feared to be let down in marriage or let someone’s daughter down. That is why I wanted us to be friends first so as to understand each other,” adds Ivan.

For Susan, Ivan had so much charm and serious with life.
“I found Ivan very caring, listening and loving. The time we spent together he was not in a rush for a relationship. We would go for dinners, outings and he escorts me home without any strings attached,” explains Susan.

Proposal and introduction
Ivan proposed from an intimate and secluded place in Kabale District. Being a friend, we went out like it was a normal outing but “when I pulled out a ring and went on a bended knee asking her to marry me, she was overwhelmed and emotional.”  Susan accepted the proposal.

“It was amazing, we were very close and loved each other but I felt he would one day ask for my hand in marriage. All I remember is my heart almost skipping  a beat as he put the beautiful ring on my finger,” narrates Susan.   

Being friends for a long time, the couple explains that they never felt threatened like losing each other but instead the relationship grew stronger.

“We remained close friends and at one time never felt threatened because marrying your best friend is a blessing and we trusted God for all these years,” explains Ivan.

Ivan and Susan exchange their wedding vows before the Rev Fr Nickolas Mwesigwa at Nyamitanga Cathedral, Mbarara. PHOTOS/RAJAB MUKOMBOZI.

For Susan, on top of the long time they spent as friends even before exchanging vows, that she felt more secure and safe.

“The more we stayed together, the more I felt safe enough and secure because we kept being more open and close to each other,” explains Susan.

Susan introduced Ivan to her parent in Sheema District in 2016.
“My parents welcomed my proposal to get married but like any other responsible elders they wanted to know if I had made got the right choice. But some of the family members already knew Ivan as a great friend and trusted him,” adds Susan  

The couple composed a committee of five which organised wedding meetings for friends and family. But Ivan says as an events planner, he contributed to making sure the wedding was successful.

After exchanging their vows at Nyamitanga Cathedral, Mbarara City, they hosted their guests at Palm Heights Gardens in Ruti, Mbarara City.    

Ivan Tusiime

Bride: Susan Kyomugisha

Main celebrant: Rev Father Nickolas Mwesigwa

Church: Nyamitanga Cathedral

Reception: Palm Heights Gardens, Ruti 

Gown: Shs 1.5m

Suit: Shs 1m

Choir: Shs400,000