Wearing branded,  matching outfits is our love language

Mr Moses Seruyange, an engineer and Beatrice Seruyange

What you need to know:

After 25 years of marriage, Moses and Beatrice say they have found a love language that works for them and this involves wearing matching outfits. They also emphasise the need for communication and prayer.

After 25 years of marriage, the Seruyanges still know how to keep the flame burning.  They do this through wearing matching or branded outfits.

Whether it is a birthday or anniversary, Moses Seruyange, an engineer and Beatrice Seruyange, a head teacher will show up in outfits that they say speak their love language best.

“We enjoy putting on matching outfits on special days because we look extremely smart and organised. To us, it is an act of love since a couple that is facing misunderstandings can never wear matching outfits,” they reveal.

According to Beatrice, it was her idea to introduce the trend in their marriage, which she says her husband accepted with time.

“At first, I would admire couples that wore matching outfits which I decided to start as well. I started picking out a few pieces for us and my husband later also started doing the same,” she says.

When Moses noticed her love for the trend, he decided to start ordering for customised shirts, especially on her birthdays, which made her really happy.  This, the couple says, added a spark to their marriage.

They recently celebrated their silver jubilee and here is an insight into their journey.


In 1994, during one of Moses’ industrial training programmes in Hoima City, he casually joined Hoima Christian Fellowship Church where he met Beatrice.

“I was a member of the church and also a minister. Once Moses joined the church, he also started participating actively in the ministry which allowed us to spend a lot of time together,” Beatrice recollects.

Being born again Christians and choristers at the church, the two grew really close and decided to start dating.

“On our first date at Kolping Gardens in Hoima City, we had a wonderful time which we used to discuss so much about our future together as a married couple.”

A challenge came at the start of their relationship when Moses’s contract ended and he had to return to Kampala. The couple had to get used to being in a long distance relationship that put constraints on their communication patterns.

“It was difficult at the time because there were no mobile phones or emails. I almost gave up and started losing trust in him,” she shares.

Beatrice thought her charming man would be devoured by the city girls but was shocked by one of his uninformed visits to Hoima.

“He travelled by bus back to Hoima just to see how I was fairing, which proved his sincerity towards me. It was one memorable act,” she adds.


On March 16, 1996, Moses visited Beatrice’s parents’ home in Bujumbula, Hoima District. A wedding was held five months later at Hoima Christian Fellowship Church.

“Initially our first wedding venue was meant to be in Kampala but we chose Hoima because I had made more friends in Hoima at my first job and it was cheaper to have my parents to travel rather than my in-laws,” he explains.

The wedding itself was as memorable as their first date since the couple opted for the same gardens for their reception.

“We had two colourful receptions with 500 guests in Hoima and 300 guests at my husband’s home the following day in Lwamiggo village, Wakiso District,” She shares.

The couple recalls a challenge in time management at the church service which affected the rest of the days’ events.

“The bride’s parents were picked late and they arrive late at the church which delayed the church programme.”

The pair say they are having the best times of their lives.

“We have been blessed with five children, first trips, and many celebrations within the marriage,” the couple says.


Like any other relationship, the Seruyanges have faced challenges of debts, poverty, illnesses and loss.

“We are always trying to make it work through forgiveness, patience, transparency and faithfulness, among many other virtues,” they tip.

The couple believes marriage is a beautiful thing and should be built on the five pillars of love, patience, forgiveness, communication and prayer. They urge young couples to be intentional about building a loving relationship.

“Value each other and create time to encourage and pray for each other,” they say.

Silver jubilee

On February 19, 2022, Moses and Beatrice renewed their vows at Lwamiggo Village with Bishop Christopher Lubega and share their most memorable moments

The pair also had most of their biological children in the entourage and even better, followed the trends of groomsmen at their celebrations.

Overall, the couple enjoyed better services at their celebrations unlike the wedding. They explain:

“Away from the snacks that were served in paper bags at our wedding, our guests feasted on a selection of dishes. We also had better recordings, and a sophisticated honeymoon experience.

They also had better clothes and cut a six-tier white cake with more to give away as tokens of appreciation for their guests.