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A Ugandan Farewell: Panic among the Museveni cohort

Ian Ortega

What you need to know:

  • CALM DOWN GUYS! Of late, I am sensing a renewed sense of panic among Generation NSSF (as someone chose to call them), but literally, the generation that came with Museveni.
  • The generation that never stops reminding us about the bodies they jumped to school and the many miles they travelled bare-footed. There is a rush to a point they themselves cannot tell. It is a rush to make sense of the chaos that has served them for the past years.
  • At least this generation produced an illusion of order. Of keeping up appearances, of projecting that things are okay even when they are not. We have learnt that well.
  • Everyone is doing well, going by the profiles of Ugandans on LinkedIn. If the talent on LinkedIn is to go by, Singapore has nothing on us in the next five years.