Becoming more than conquerors in Christ

What you need to know:

  • The book nonetheless offers deeper truths that gets its readers reflecting on their personal spiritual (i.e. Christian) journey so much so that each chapter ends with a challenge for the Christian warrior.

While some books are written to be enjoyable to readers, others are written to offer guidance and cox the readers into taking life changing actions.

Warrior lies in between—a cocktail of the two. Jewelled with Ethel’s personal stories and biblical references, Warrior is the kind of book that glues readers to its pages and ultimately proves rather a short read for the average reader.

The book nonetheless offers deeper truths that gets its readers reflecting on their personal spiritual (i.e. Christian) journey so much so that each chapter ends with a challenge for the Christian warrior.

Fortunately, the author didn’t leave her readers to their own devices on the questions for reflection. Ethel Kimbowa walks the journey with them. The practical aspects of her book change its momentum from sprint to marathon as readers are tasked to not simply pay lip service, but to be doers of the word.

For most, their Christian journey started with baptism or a call to the altar that sets those who heed the call and take action to accept it apart. The acceptance ushers them to a fresh spiritual journey as new beings—mindful of the fact that God’s grace dwells with them at the passing moment of life.

As the author shows, the fact of accepting Jesus as one’s Lord and saviour, making them new creations in Him, does not cushion them from the many trials of this world. For some, it simply intensifies. On the journey, new converts learn quickly that they need companions—companions to encourage them when they are weary, give them a helping hand when down, and cheer them on when they’ve picked up momentum.

From the get-go, the Christian reading this book makes a self-assessment on whether they are a warrior or not. The book painstakingly points out the virtues of a Christian warrior in the modern world. Picking hints from Pastor Rick Warren, the celebrated American author of the bestselling book, “The Purpose Driven Life”, Ms Kimbowa reminds us that God’s purpose for our lives is not comfort but character development—to grow us up spiritually so that we become like Christ.

In the modern world, where immediate gratification reigns supreme, the virtue of patience stood out for me as a reader. Yet patience does not stand alone as virtual in the book, instead, it is coupled with another “passion”.

To a civilian, the idea of “passionate patience” reads like an oxymoron. For the average Christian, the image that patience brings forth is that of Hagar dragging alone in the desert. How then, can one be passionate in such circumstances? Yet the author assures her readers that their patience will bear fruit for strength is drawn from Jesus Christ himself.

Using her own marital story, Ms Kimbowa clearly illustrates the way this passion manifests patience. The stories she shares contextualise the spiritual, and ultimately the book feels like a conversation with a close friend.

While the tone of this book is generally cordial, it is written as a manual for the Christian warrior. The tone, therefore, often swings to militaristic pitch—the kind that arms Ms Kimbowa’s readers with wisdom to manouvre and conquer the world.

In their own strengths, Christians often fall victim to the snares of the devil. As such, Warrior points its readers to the truth that their strength is rooted in prayer. The Lord ’s Prayer, so often recited without conscious engagement, is shown to be a powerful weapon that helps Christians imbibe in God’s love and amazing grace. In the same stride, the prayer, simple as it may be, provides them with a blueprint of praying.

The book goes on to clarify the mission of the warrior, elaborating on what God commissioned Christians to do in Genesis 1:28: “… be fruitful and multiply….” Here, the readers are made to understand that though they are not of this world, instead, they are called to make a positive impact on it. As such, they must take every opportunity to act as vigilant soldiers.  

The scope is a holistic one for the author makes it clear that the warrior isn’t a part timer but is on duty full time. This makes it rich as it looks at issues that affect all Christians like resource management, relationships, forgiveness and reconciliation, service, and honour.

For the Christian, this book is nothing short of a powerful companion. Beautifully written not only to edify and encourage but to also act as a Christian military trainer. Great book for Christians from all walks of life and those in search of spiritual answers.