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Imagine a construction site cordoned off with the yellow tape “Police Line: Do Not Cross”. The site, formerly buzzing with the rattle of machines, is now filled with the wail of sirens. It is a crime scene.
Well it should not be so hard to imagine because 20 kilometres shy of Kampala city, it is stark reality.
The construction of Mukono-Katosi Road had all the funding it needed and more. Now, thanks to the “sharpness” of a few individuals, that road is far from completion. First, is the knowledge that the road could be constructed for less than half the tabled price; which is an astronomical Shs162b!
Then, worse, was the transfer of a colossal Shs24.7b to a company that legally does not exist! It is easier to view these sums in the figures that they are, but imagine the dent Shs24.7b makes on a country’s wellbeing.
And it is not just Uganda hurt; America is so peeved that it has deployed the FBI. East Africa suffers the illegality of “Kitu Kidogo”. However we must ask ourselves, how “small” can our thievery get before it gets out of hand? And what will become of our children if they have to pay grants for roads they cannot see?

More bad jets, more votes

As God decided to mop the skies giving us both sharp torrents and incessant trickles of rain, Ugandans thought to themselves, how about we make the best of our chilled hearts?
And with that, in the span of two weeks, came the news of a couple Ugandans making heist history with the luxury car of the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, and the Katosi Road scam spiraling worse, and then last Thursday, the blind consent of our Parliamentarians to un-assessed budgets.
“Well they are just budgets aren’t they?” You may quip… only until you understand that the three budgets, for the State House, Office of the Prime Minister and Kampala Capital City Authority all together amount to hundreds of billions, and is a surplus to the annual budget…and yes, we PAY for that as well.
The nature in which the budgets were passed poses a lot of questions, seeing those of the State House and the infamous OPM passed almost unanimously.
Only for the legislators to rise to the occasion, a tad late with the KCCA budget, and still then be beaten on grammatical technicality, “Should the KCCA budget not be approved?”
To know that public taxes are used for such for such laxities, for the sake of our future, cause us great concern!


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