Cheptoek: We offer experience, adventure and knowledge

William Cheptoek (third left).PHOTO/EDGAR R BATTE

What you need to know:

  • After his high school vacation William Cheptoek set up a tours and travel company to share with others the beauty of Kapchorwa, his home area. 

William Cheptoek is a tour guide at Discover Sipi Adventures at Sipi Falls, Kapchorwa District in eastern Uganda. His average day starts early with a cup of coffee for breakfast after which he prepares to hike or any other activity, depending on the interest of the tourists he is hosting. He later takes a sunset walk to the viewpoint or plays football.

How did you pick interest in travel and tourism?
I grew up in a tourist destination, in the regions of Mount Elgon, Sipi Falls, surrounded by nature, beautiful landscapes, and good people. This gave me the opportunity to be in touch with many people from different places. 

As an enthusiastic young and curious child, looking at the tourists coming to my home, and watching them enjoy and discover new experiences and sensations, I desired to live that experience to guide people to discover Sipi.

What does your company do?
Discover Sipi Adventures was established in 2016, after my high school vacation because I wanted to showcase the beauty of my community, and also to make travel easier for adventure seekers.,. 

So, my company is focused on making people have not only a hike or an activity but a memorable experience of nature. 

What makes your excursions different?
We offer passion, experience, adventure, knowledge. It is about spreading the love for nature and our homeland. We make our clients feel welcome and part of the experience, so we adapt to their necessities, regardless of age, condition and budget. 

Of course, this is a business, but it is not only about money, it is more about loving what we do, and sharing. This can be noticed by the people who have travelled with us. 

How do you prepare for a trip to host tourists?
It depends on the interest and characteristics of the client. 

Mainly, I check accommodation, and make sure it is suitable for their needs. Also, the choice of the activities they wish to do, so we can prepare all the equipment necessary and prepare for a suitable time.

I love to know about my clients first, do a little research of their expectations, desires, and kind of experience they want to have, so we can achieve them.

When is the best time to explore Kapchorwa?
Every season has its own surprises; it is different each time. So, any season is good.
What are your favourite tourist destinations in Uganda?
I have not visited many places in Uganda, but I will someday. 

So far, I like Kidepo National Park because of the wilderness, landscapes, and its uniqueness. 
Moroto, for virgin culture, and the hospitality of the communities. 

Murchison Falls National Park which is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever visited.
 Your best moments on a trip...?
Discovering landscapes, smells and other sensations I have never had before. That is the best part of travelling.

What challenges come with your job?
Of course, everything is unpredictable, such as weather, pandemics, seasons, illness, or whatever comes across. We have to be very sharp, to adapt to these abrupt changes and circumstances so we can provide excellent service.
What is on your wish list?
To travel and explore new places. To make a difference and create a positive impact in my community. Generating employment to improve lives. 

To preserve the natural environment. To make Sipi and the surrounding places a top tourist destination in Uganda.