Lake Victoria makes weekend spirit come alive

A man casts his net to catch fish in Lake Victoria recently. PHOTO/EDGAR BATTE

What you need to know:

  • Getaway. The sights and sounds on Lake Victoria are such an attraction and keep the guests alive to the beauty of Uganda, writes  Edgar R. Batte.

A nature lover will most likely not trade a beautiful sunset for anything. A weekend by the lakeshore was as rewarding as the early hours of the evening.

Earlier in the day, the sun had scorched the earth so much that many weekenders did not need convincing to go out basking by the crystal blue swimming pool in which they occasionally dipped to cool their bodies in fresh water.

The breeze off Lake Victoria was a good cooler as family members chatted, shared a meal and jokes while time flew by.

Me time

The delight of children playing was joyful to their parents and siblings. Your writer drew his peace from watching Ugandans visiting one of the attractions within their borders.

Somewhere along the paths of Lake Victoria Golf Resort & Spa, a couple emerged hand in hand from Maisha Spa. They looked fresh from a treat that could have included one of those relaxing massages.

‘What is a weekend without self-love and some ‘me time?’ I asked myself. Everyone seemed to have their own sweet way, and mine at 2pm was a dig into the Achoki Fish, a coconut spiced culinary treat that brought memories of coastal Diani and Mombasa alive as we continued partaking of the fresh harvest from the generous Nnalubaale.

A  scenic sunset. 


I did not intend to rush my meal because each bite seemed to voluntarily urge me to take another. Like that, I slowly and intentionally enjoyed fish. I had all the time in the world to savour the rich ingredients the chef had used. Also, the accompanying it with ugali and selected vegetables made the meal fingerlicking. A good meal requires the time and effort, to enjoy the sizzling to its last yummy detail. Then, wash it down with a drink. And like that, time seemed to fly as I had fun by the poolside on that warm Saturday afternoon.


February has been a sunshine serving, but equally giving for lovers of sunsets who look forward to the moment. Some minutes to 7pm one would watch the sun yellowing, gold and infects the skies with stunning colour progressions.

I am a lover of sunsets and sunrises and I was only delighted to take a cruise on the lake for a birding expedition that let me see more: the fishermen in their non-motorised canoes as they cast nets ahead of a long night of fishing.

From a distance, and sailing against the sun, they were a subject of picturesque photography as they their heads and boats against a shiny dark water surface trailing a beautiful shadowy sunlight.  Lake Victoria was peaceful and wavy only too delightful to reflect the colours of the sun against its dark tides in a way that could convince the mind to conjure up ideas: perhaps God was up to sharing more of his arty work in real time.

For a moment, I wished to trade places with the fishermen who had no worries whatsoever as their vessels buoyantly floated as they smiled and waved at us in a pure display of friendliness.

They courteously asked to take their photographs, attracting smiles and then laughter as they went about what is their laborious source of livelihood.