Silence ladies! Men at work

Mr Andrew Kyamagero. Photo/Courtesy

What you need to know:

  • Silence is the quiet ascent up the mountain, a planned preference to take a look at and reflect before making a move.  

In a world where words often dominate conversations, the untold tales of men’s silence reveal a hidden strength that must not be mistaken for weakness.

True masculinity lies no longer in the extent of one’s voice,  but  subsequent  actions. Today,  we  explore why silence is an effective tool for men, showcasing how it is able to shape your long lasting effect.

Silence is the quiet ascent up the mountain, a planned preference to take a look at and reflect before making a move.  

Men understand the cost of introspection and self-assessment that comes with silence.

It permits us to acquire our thoughts, evaluate the state of affairs, and strategise our next move with precision and cause.

At the peak of the mountain, amidst the tranquility, as men we unharness our energy through actions. We realise that deeds deliver weight  some distance past empty words. 

Real men understand that person is described by the actions they take, demonstrating integrity, dedication, and reliability.

Their actions function as a testimony to their true power, leaving a long-lasting effect on those around them.

As we descend the mountain of silence, we face the misconceptions that surround our quiet nature.

Society regularly misunderstands silence as weakness or a lack of assertiveness.  However, actual  men rise above these assumptions, ultimate steadfast of their conviction that actions  speak louder than words.

At the base of the mountain, in which connections are formed, here we recognize the significance of meaningful engagement. We recognise that verbal exchange extends a ways past verbal dialogue. Through silence, we include lively listening, non-verbal cues, and empathy. This lets in us to forge authentic connections constructed on mutual admire, information, and shared stories.

The untold testimonies of fellow’s silence display a profound electricity that have to in no way be underestimated or flawed for weak spot.

Today, we journeyed via the ascent of silence, the height of movement, the descent of misconceptions, and the base of real connections. 

Real men understand that their authentic strength lies now not within the quantity in their voice, however of their capability to pick silence as a tool for growth, information, and impactful moves.

Silence should be “constructive silence” for purposes of meditation, reflection, and production of thoughts. Constructive silence is a result of logic, not suppression and manipulation.

A silent man in a home is a dangerous and broken man. When men keep silent in their homes, they are definitely talking elsewhere.  

When a man does not talk at home, the question should be “Where does  he talk from?”

Let us embrace the untold stories of our silence, for it is miles inside this realm that we discover our internal power.

As we climb the mountain, embracing silence as an energy device, we form our  persona, inspire others, and impart an indelible mark on the arena round us. 

Resilient warrior
Andrew Kyamagero
The writer is team lead  at ManCave Ug.