The PLOT: Wildlife and why rhino horns should be left alone

Tuesday June 01 2021
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By Claire Balungi

Wildlife,with exception of the physical environment in which they live, can be regarded as all animals except humans, eaten and fed by humans.

Tourism comes to mind when you think of wildlife. Why? The wild is unusual, beautiful and worth the vulgar expenditure. It’s often offensive to the locals who can’t afford to sit on a bench at the foot of an air balloon and press a pair of binoculars against their eyes to watch organised buffalos at sunrise. Wait, do Uganda’s parks have air balloons? Regardless, wildlife flies in foreigners who “bring in foreign exchange/taxes”. Ah! The geography song!

Do you wonder why animals are continually poached yet there is beautiful metallic jewellery on the market? Then you must listen to this week’s episode on the PLOT (Podcast Lecture On Things). 

In this week’s episode, Allan Busby, talks to us about all the elegance there is to appreciate about wildlife. That’s why it serves as national symbols. Moreover, wildlife has been used by scientists to improve livelihoods of humans through research. Call him a wild animal, but Busby thinks there’s a lot that humans can learn from cultures of the wild. He’s also of the view that some wild animals can even be domesticated. And then there’s that thing about rhino horns… But let’s not get into it. Just listen to it all here. Also, watch out for the series on the Daily Monitor website podcast platform that comes out every Tuesday. The PLOT is written by Ernest Bazanye and performed by Allan Busby.