2021 fashion projections by the stars

Saturday January 16 2021

Anita Beryl, Fashion Designer

By Gloria Haguma

Anita Beryl, Fashion Designer

While Covid-19 had dire effects on the fashion industry, many designers have devised means of staying afloat. Fashion and trends have already been influenced by the different safety essentials now, with them being a part of every ensemble. Many people have learnt how to work and survive during tough times. We look forward to more collections.”

Ahumuza Brian, Celebrity wardrobe stylist

What I see in 2021 are more upcoming stylists and young people being more innovative and coming up with their own custom brands. Many young people are coming up with ideas on how to set up a brand and fashion lines for themselves, from beauty to fashion to technology. And this trend is not limited to fashionistas alone, but we have seen celebrities jump on the trend as well.

Those of us who have been in the industry for long have excelled at this trend and I guess this has inspired other people to get on the trend as well. We have seen people like Bettina Tianah start her beauty line, Sheila Gashumba has her body slimming line and recently, I saw Cindy launching her cosmetics line.

When it comes to designers, I am not sure if there is a new breed of designers, but with the already existing ones, I didn’t see much from their end last year, so I can’t really predict what they are going to be up to this year.


If Covid-19 is completely gone by 2021, I do hope many of the designers will have some great exhibitions to show. We are also preparing for ASFAs this year.

Ras Kasozi, Fashion Designer

The Covid- 19 crisis has decimated the global and local fashion industry and its supply chains. Locally, we are not likely to see a lot of changes because in Uganda, we always don’t have pressure, especially in the fashion industry. We do things at our pace.

But we are expecting to see more home-made garments on the streets than before, because during the lockdown, a lot of youth joined the fashion industry. Some started out by producing only masks but have now picked interest in tailoring and are making garments for sale. On the side of the top designers, it is going to be so challenging and they are likely to decline because the competition is going to be tight. They are costly and the quality of most of them have no big difference with new designers.

On trends locally, we are going to see more wedding or party garments on the market, since most of the designer specialised in wedding attire. Lastly, masks are going to trend from black masks to garment matching masks not only for protection but for style as well.

Joram Muzira Job, Model, Manager/International model scout

When it comes to fashion trends in the year 2021, we are likely to see a lot of the 1990s trends come back. We expect lots of florals, flared pants, the huge platforms and strappy shoes are getting back.

Digital and virtual shows will also continue to dominate the fashion industry, until Uganda secures a vaccine.

Ugandan designers will also embrace more of the digital shows. I also see a lot of the designers doing more solo shows in 2021 as well and embracing more Virtual x digital forms of art to stay afloat in the business.

Another fashion trend I see popping up is the high belts.

Bettinah Tianah, TV Host/content creator

With the Covid-19 pandemic dominating thoughts and minds, fashion executives are planning for innovative ways to recover the lost money or losses made during the lockdown.

Fashion influencers are enjoying lots of discounts on all favourite brands.  Home dress up videos continue to trend. Before the pandemic, there was a small group of influencers that ruled the whole fashion scene worldwide. The number continues to grow each passing day.