I am still marvelling at God’s faithfulness

Min Atek

What you need to know:

What was the labour going to be like? Would I walk myself out of the hospital the same way I had walked myself in? 

It was not so long ago in this exact season that I walked up the stairs leading to the labour suite at the the International Hospital Kampala

As I walked up, my heart could not help wonder what was next. I was not excited but rather deeply apprehensive at what the immediate future had to offer.

What was the labour going to be like? Would I walk myself out of the hospital the same way I had walked myself in?

There were vivid memories of how a friend who had recently walked into a hospital had walked out empty handed because her precious baby had not made it. There were mothers who had not made it either. I tried to brush those thoughts aside yet they lingered at the back of my young mother mind.

Years later, we are here. The child that I carried out of that hospital is now a grown up. The fella who could hardly open her eyes and had let out a very loud cry upon her arrival in the world is now the one looking after and fending for other people’s babies.

Unbelievable! Inconceivable!

What just happened?

Where did the years fly to?

September has always been and will always be special because both of the biological children in our household made their physical manifestation into the world in September.

With each single year that goes by, I am speechless! I marvel at how the time has gone by. I marvel at the growth we have made. I marvel that it is me who carried these human beings as little babies. They have grown so much, the younger is taller than everyone in the household.

I marvel at the goodness, kindness, graciousness, faithfulness and the heart of God. What can I render to Jehovah for the great and mighty things that He has done? What can I say? Which words would be sufficient to describe the journey? If it had not been for God, the storms of life would have swept us away in one sweeping.

Yet here we are, many many moons later, amazed and awed into absolute quiet bewilderment. 

Not only did we come out of the hospital alive and well. Not only did we go through the colic days, the infant care days, not only did we grow from small dependent individuals, but we have grown and matured. Each single birthday is a sincere reminder that God is faithful.

So we stand to declare without shame that those who trust in God will never be put to shame. We boldly declare that God is more than faithful. We have seen His hand uphold and sustain us. We have experienced His blessings and sufficient provision. We have grown from one level to another.

It is not only the children that have grown. Perhaps I have grown more than they have.   To both children, happy birthday. May your individual stars continue to shine brighter and brighter unto a perfect day. May you continue to be grounded in truth and may your influence know no boundaries.