Jenny Mutale: How she found courage after being dumped at the altar

Jenny Mutale was left at the altar but has since found love again.

Photo by Phionah Nassanga

What you need to know:

Life gives her a second chance. The worst that can happen to any woman is being dumped at the altar. After dating for some time, Jenny Mutale and her fiancé decided to make things official. At church in her gown, her fiance never showed up, writes Phionah Nassanga.

Clad in her beautiful Cinderella white gown with a bouquet of roses, on February 25, 2017, Jenny Mutale, a counsellor, could not wait to make the vows with the man she thought was the love of her life.
Mutale and her ex-fiancé had first met at a prayer gathering. And as he was ministering, he saw her and had a crush on her. Before they knew it, they had become good friends. Promising to stand by each other’s side, Mutale and her ex-fiancé decided to make things official both at the church and to the parents. She knew she had found a shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately he wasn’t the one.


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