What power-dressing means for different women

What you need to know:

Statement. Every woman has that one garment, accessory or event styling accent that gives them the power they need to get through a busy day. Gloria Haguma spoke to women who shared their interpretation of power- dressing. 

Patience Ahumuza, Digital Communications Consultant and feminist

Do I feel sexy, powerful, young, playful, lazy and the rich aunt vibe? Well, my outfits will give you the answer. Short dresses, long trench coats give me an aura of power. They make me feel like I have figured out my entire life. Outfits with a deep V-neck make me look sexy and deras are my go-to lazy outfit. Choosing the right clothes for my body-type has helped me appreciate my body.

Patricia Mugisha, Communications and Copy Consultant.

Power dressing is an expression of my personality. A true power outfit gives me confidence, boosts my morale and makes me stand taller than my petite frame. I like to wear dark-coloured wide leg linen pants with a matching chiffon tops. The dark colour pallets compliment me while linen fabric leaves me comfortable and looking my best. I feel ready to take on whatever comes my way whenever I dress in such colours.

Mpanja Juliana Kassami, Banker

Power dressing is wearing an outfit that matches where you are and how you feel. It is having the ability to choose what you want to wear and fully express yourself. As a woman, when you show up, feel beautiful and confident, you are dressed in power.

I love dressing up in a good work suit, and I love jewellery, perfume, a casual white top and white sneakers. I won’t lie, a good gown always makes a woman feel pretty.

Brenda Nanyonjo, CEO - Miss Uganda, director Kezzi Entertainment

Power dressing means being in charge and this gives me new confidence. I am a strong, bold, courageous woman, here to get things done; all the while looking good!”

Power dressing for me can be as simple as a suit skirt or apair of trousers.  I also like jeans paired with shirts and heels.

Annabelle Nakabiri, Executive Director, the Remnant Generation

“It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances”, said Oscar Wilde, Irish poet and playwright. He emphsises that how you present yourself says more about you than your title or job description. How I dress describes how I feel. In its broader context, it is a way in which others evaluate me. There is a thin line between appearance and the personality.

What I wear and how I wear it speaks about me and the values I represent.

Yvonne Ahimbisibwe, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur

Power dressing means dressing in a way that exudes confidence and professionalism. While at it, I aim to strike that balance of being professional while embracing femininity. I prefer to wear classic pieces, which are timeless and pair them with brass to spice up my outfit. I am obsessed with wide legged office high waist pants and dresses.

Kleith Kyatuhairwe, personal shopper, tour guide and realtor

I am the wide leg pants kind of woman.  I can stand the high heels, wide leg suits, tops, shirts, blazers, you name. A classy piece for your all world kind of event. Dress down or high! The most important factor is confidence. I discovered that I love being around people, whether I am making a sale or a pitch and so how I am dressed is very important to me. As a woman, I know which play suit is for a theatre or the bedroom. Power is exercised where it is needed.


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