Does swallowing chewing gum cause constipation

Dear doctor: My husband chews gum a lot. As such my son has also picked up the habit. He actually swallows the gum. It is now two days and my son has not gone to the toilet. Is chewing gum stuck?
- Else Nyanzi
Dear Else: Many people who are stressed may have a tendency of chewing something, including gum. Others chew sugar free gum to keep away bad breath because in a few people, it has become a habit after years of chewing gum.
Children or adults who swallow chewing gum accidentally simply pass it out without any problems, not even blocking the digestive system leading to constipation.
It is likely that the gum keeps passing out in stool and the constipation has other causes. Your son has to minimise wheat intake or finger millet products that cause constipation and take more fluids, and instead eat vegetables and fruits. If these fail to address the constipation, it may require consulting your doctor.