Reasons your baby is not eating well

Monday October 26 2020

It can be troubling when you see that your baby is not eating properly. PHOTO/COURTESY

It can be troubling when you see that your baby is not eating properly. They would not be able to tell you what is bothering them and make it difficult for you to deduce the cause. Here are the possible reasons why your baby could be refusing food:

Too many fluids
Feeding your baby too many fluids can be a reason why they are refusing food. Whether it is some juice or breast milk, if you have fed your baby too much liquid just before you feed solids, the baby will refuse food.

Tune it out
Your baby could be distracted by innumerable things such as TV, outside noise and loud music, among others. Babies process their environment differently, and something as simple as noise will draw their attention away from the food.

Full tank
At times, your baby may not eat because their stomach could be full from the last snack or meal. If your baby is refusing feeds, clamping the mouth shut and pushing the spoon away, your little bundle of joy is probably telling you that he has had enough food.

Your little one could be allergic to certain foods, and they will try to tell you that this particular item is not good for them. Monitor their behaviour, check for an allergic reaction and see if they are in physical distress.

Baby activity
Your baby’s appetite will be dependent on how active they are. We do not recommend to carry out baby activities before or after each meal; however, ensure there are enough activities spaced at appropriate intervals throughout the day. An active baby will tend to eat well, while a less active baby will refuse food.


Ensure you stick to the meal times, as any change in the timing can cause excessive hunger or loss of appetite. Never skip the baby’s mealtime.

When to consult a doctor 
Keep a watch on your baby’s eating habits for a few days when they are refusing food. After a few days, if the baby still refuses to eat a healthy amount of the diet, it is better to take them to a paediatrician.