A light bulb camera for discreet surveillance

The camera captures high-resolution video footage, ensuring clear and detailed visuals. PHOTO/PROMISE TWINAMUKYE

What you need to know:

  • The light bulb camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens, allowing it to capture a broad field of view. This ensures that a larger area can be monitored without multiple cameras.

The essence of discrete surveillance technology is to be unrecognizable.  That is why the light bulb camera is the perfect gadget for your home or business. The bulbs can be conveniently fixed in already existing fixtures and installed without cables and wires, making it perfect for renters.

Since the bulbs look exactly as other light bulbs, they can easily be integrated in any environment. Light bulb cameras are typically equipped with a high-resolution camera sensor and a wide-angle lens.

The camera’s sensor captures video footage, while the lens determines the field of view. The captured footage is then processed and transmitted wirelessly to a connected device such as a smartphone or computer.

One of the key features of a light bulb camera is its ability to be controlled remotely. Users can access the camera’s live feed and recorded footage through a dedicated mobile application or web interface. This allows for real-time monitoring and playback of recorded videos from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

It records in full-colour night vision, which allows you to see the original colours, while the smart night vision automatically changes the picture to full-colour night vision.

While it is a fixed bulb camera, it is capable of recording all angles of the room at 360 degrees. Allan Kamukama, proprietor at KEFI LTE Ltd, says this surveillance bulb provides the perfect visual and audio form while blending seamlessly into the décor. 

“One can also easily talk to the person at home through the camera if they are aware of its existence, bringing in a better version of marrying audio with visual perks,” Kamukama says.

While this may feel unorthodox for some (speaking into a bulb) it can be a useful tool for others. It also helps one to deter intruders mistaking you for being in the house because they can hear your voice.

The bulb can work with or without the internet although the results will be got differently. 
“Without internet, one can manually remove the SD card, download it to a computer, and insert it back in the camera after at least every 24 hours. This is because the SD card may not have the capability of recording for a long time depending on the size,” he says.

This makes wireless connectivity a more convenient way to use the camera, since it can also be accessed remotely. Communicating through an app, one can play back or forward whenever they want to, easing the way of work, or keeping evidence in case something happened.

As far as discreet surveillance goes bulb cameras are less likely to raise suspicion and can be strategically placed for optimal coverage. Potential intruders, and landlords, are less likely to detect them, allowing you to record video discreetly.

Limited storage of footage

An SD card has a limited data storage. Because the camera can delete its data when it is full to accommodate new recordings, one may have to keep downloading the data from the card to their computer more often to not lose important information.

Relies on power
Unfortunately for this bulb camera, it requires to always be connected to power to be able to function. When power is off, it also goes off, making it unreliable in areas prone to black outs.

Camera sensor

The camera sensor is the heart of the light bulb camera. It captures high-resolution video footage, typically in HD or even 4K resolution, ensuring clear and detailed visuals.

Wide-angle lens
The light bulb camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens, allowing it to capture a broad field of view. This ensures that a larger area can be monitored without the need for multiple cameras.

LED lights
The light bulb camera incorporates LED lights, providing illumination to the surroundings. These lights can be controlled and adjusted through the connected mobile app or software, allowing users to customize the brightness and color temperature to their preference.

Depending on the shop you buy from, a light bulb camera ranges from Shs190,000 to Shs250, 000. From online shops, the bulb can go for as low as Shs130, 000 to Shs300, 000.